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Cities have a future where quality of life poses environmental, socio-economic and ecological challenges. In fact, cities will be transformed to accomodate an ever-increasing population while improving the quality of life with more respect for the environment.

shared parking spaces

As parking spaces are becoming a rather scarce resource, they will become increasingly valuable and will need to be better used and shared. The space occupied by the roads, for instance, will be reorganized by recovering the surfaces of the car parks next to the roads in order to improve the quality of life (ex. green zone) and to promote soft mobility (ex. bicycle, electric bike, cargo-bike, ...).

Optimizing the use of our resources through the sharing of built space, shared vehicles will contribute to addressing mobility issues as socio-economic and environmental issues.

The sharing of spaces dedicated to car parks and the management of these shared parks will be increasingly essential! 

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smart parking management

Today we clearly see that too many people driving around the city at the same time though it it is not really necessary. Solving this problem will require the actual introduction of several measures. Among other things, we need to think about how to get around rather than automatically use the car and address the issue of parking; which is the last element of any trip. Initiatives are being taken in many cities. In the Brussels-Capital Region, this is one of the objectives of Cobrace.

Just as with how we get around in the cities, we need to think smart parking lots.

Owners of private parking lots have the opportunity to make free parking spacesq available, by sharing these additional spaces with other users who currently do not have access to them while preserving security by installing a smart parking sensor allowing access and, at the same time, surveillance of their building.

MyflexiPark parking management

MyflexiPark's mission is to contribute to mobility and the quality of city life. A car-free city will not be realistic in the near future, but we can improve parking space sharing. We have developed the MyflexiParkBox service to optimize and automate the management of parking lots of company, institutional and real estate, enabling:

  • installation and provision of secure parking area for bicycles


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