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Parking management system: an innovative solution for the management and the profitability of your car park

Do you have an underground car park, a covered car park or an enclosed parking outside. Real estate developer, you want to build a building with parking or would like to renovate a parking of a property before selling it? Are you looking for a simplified parking managelent solution taht will save you both time and profitability? The MyflexiParkBox is the offer you need. Our parking management system facilitates your management in order to optimize your parking as much as possible. Parking management system: discover quickly what the MyflexiParkBox can offer you !

what is the parking management system?

The parking management system is an automated parking management tool. It allows parking owners to save both time and money. For example: by optimizing the parking spaces they have or by centralizing all information in an intuitive and customizable dashboard.

Basically, the software tells you which parking spaces are available in your car park, for which timetables ... So, at a glance, you have an overview of your car park. It is then very simple to check which places can be profitable quickly, which spaces are the least profitable, which site already pays off ...

In an offer of parking management system, an intuitive and simplified interface allows you to consult at any time the data of your tenants and the entrances and exits of all vehicles. You are in total charge and control over your parking spaces at all times. A spot is empty for the day? Rent it out right away via your management interface. A tenant has not paid for its space? Access to the car park is blocked automatically. OUr system takes care of everything: a daily time saving on the management of your parking.

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which problems does the parking management system address?

The problems of the number of parking spaces and the mismanagement of these parking spaces cause quite a big loss in profitability of car park owners in the city of Brussels. Many owners of parking spaces do not rent out their space, due to lack of time or lack of a solution. Therefore, cars continue to go around in circles during rush hour or at night looking for a place to park their car. By offering drivers and car park owners an efficient parking management system, the system can: 

  • unclog the city from cars looking for parking;
  • offer drivers easy and fast parking solutions to park their vehicle;
  • allow parking owners to make, without any management charge, their parking spaces profitable.

Parking management system solutions have an environmental (30% of road traffic is related to motorists looking for a parking space), social (allowing motorists to find parking lots quickly) and economic (bring added value to the owners) impact.

what parking management solution offers myflexipark?

MyflexiPark has been working for many years in the parking and parking rental sector. We already offer a B2C offer, for small car park owners and motorists looking for a place.

MyflexiPark has now developed a B2B offer: the MyflexiParkBox. It is an innovative and intelligent automatic parking management. This allows owners of larger car parks to make money and easily manage their parking spaces.

The MyflexiParkBox is to help parking managers, real estate agencies and developers, to implement an innovative and efficient parking management system solution. In the management interface, you can easily encode different types of data, such as:

  • a list of empployees and visitors with access to the car park;
  • information on the parking times of each visitor or employee;
  • data relating to the billing of parking spaces;
  • a list of available parking spaces as well as the days and hours of their availability.

The interface calculates by itself the occupancy rate of your car park and the number of places that you can still allocate in order to allow you to optimize the potential of your car park to the fullest. Briefly, you know exactly which spaces are still available and when you can rent them out.

Would you like a demo of our system? You can contact us now to talk about our solution.



how does our car park management software work?

To start, the MyflexiParkBox supports the entire process of digitizing the acces to the car park. Once the access controls are in place and the software settings are set up, you have full control over the entrances, exits and rentals of your parking places.

We offer several access control solutions, such as the installation of ANPR cameras allowing licence plate recognition, an open control via a smartphone application ...

It is possible to encode in a few clicks the identity of your employees, their contact details, the rental times for each one, the authorizations of punctual access, the licence plate number ...

As for adding a visitor or banning a motorist, it is very simple. You can manually remove a person from the list of motorists with access to your car park. Also, the software automatically processes the access.

In order to maximize the security of your entire car park, we integrate a 24/7 video surveillance system into our solution. A camera is able to continuously monitor several parking spaces.

By combining space optimization and improved security, the MyflexyParkBox allows all users of its software to control their parking with a serene mind!



some examples of the MyflexiParkBox setting

Because of our intelligent parking management software, you can rent out your parking spaces quickly and easily. Our solution can offer benefits for different user profiles. Whether you are a company, a real estate developer, an investor, a fleet owner ... ,the MyflexiParkBox offers benefits that you are looking for. Discover these benefits of the MyflexiParkBox according to your profile:

what are the benefits of the smart parking management solution for companies?

Are you a company manager, an HR manager or a fleet manager? Then you know that it is important for your employees to quickly find a parking space in the company's car park. The MyflexiParkBox management software allows you to assign each employee a right of entry to the parking lot, according to the terms you have defined beforehand.

  • You do not have time to manage your car park?

Outsource the management of your car park! The MyflexiParkBox takes care not only of the implementation of its solution, but also of the daily management of your parking spaces (cleaning, maintenance of the gates and barriers, reporting ...).You can delegate everything to our parking management system professionals.

  • What to do with your parking lot when your employees are not there?

On public holidays, sundays and weekends, it may happen that several parking spaces remain unused. By using our parking management system, you can make some or all of these spaces available for rental outside the office hours. Access to the outside driver can be organized via an online reservation (takes only a minute). The outside automobilist then pays directly via the application and indicates himself all his coordinates. In other words, when a driver doesn't pay for his entrance, the gate won't open. What more efficient to avoid fraud?

You then receive, in real time, via your interface, all the rental information of the parking space. 

  • Do you also have spaces available all day on weekdays?

Encode them quickly in the interface to make it available to outside drivers, subject to reservation via the application.



what benefits offer the MyflexiParkBox to real estate investors? 

You want to build a residential building with parking? Access management for tenants and landlords represents many benefits in terms of:

  • security;
  • space management;
  • profitability.

The security of a residential parking lot represents a considerable advantage for all inhabitants of a building. The added value generated by securing a car park is a strong argument when negotiating the purchase/selling price of a building or apartment. The continuous camera surveillance system can be included in the MyflexiParkBox package. It reassures the occupants of the car park, as well as deter vandals and squatters.

Space management is greatly facilitated by the intelligent interface of the software, which is appreciated by many property managers. Directly related to the question of the profitability of the parking, the management of spaces allows to optimize the potential of the parking and to maximize its occupancy rate. 

You can easily offer your tenants a monthly, annual or even longer-term subscription rate. Payment will then be made by the bank direct debit with a SEPA authorization.

Do contact MyflexiPark and discover the benefits for your company.



what are the benefits of the parking management system for car park owners?

Do you have a car park and you want to rent out your parking spaces? Our reliable and flexible parking management system solution is for you! By using the automatic management interface, outdoor automobilists can book a parking space in your parking and pay online.

In order to save you time, the MyflexiPark application makes all the management of your car park automatic: from data encoding to reporting, including the optimization of the occupancy rate, online payments or payments by direct debit.

You also have the option of renting out your parking spaces by day, by week, by month, by year ... You can decide on decreasing rate depending on the duration of the rental, thus offering your annual tenants an attractive rate.

The MyflexiParkBox offers a very flexible parking management system, which allows you to adapt your management according your preferences.

Interested in our solution? Do not hesitate to contact MyflexiPark!



a few words about our objectives as a parking management company

As we have mentioned before, MyflexiPark has been offering parking solutions for drivers and motorists for many years. By expanding our offer to large companies, building managers, owners of large car parks and developers, we want to be more involved in improving mobility in Brussels.

By using our management software, we hope to give the keys to the owners of sites to better use their spaces and thus unclog the city of its motorists looking for a parking spot. An advantage for as well them, as for motorists, as for the city itself.

An innovative and thoughtful parking policy would allow the city to see new infrastructure come into being. For example: by offering more spaces available in undergrond parking, residents will see arise new outdoor spaces. It will then be possible to transform these empty sites into technological infrastructure, green spaces and various other facilities.

Smart parking solutions such as the one developed by the MyflexiParkBox offer, are ultimately part of magnitude of smart cities. Making the city a greener place is indeed one of the goals we pursue on a daily basis.



towards a smarter city: help to optimize the mobility in the capital of europe

Do you want to implement our intelligent parking management solution? Do you have parking spaces you want to make money on? Perhaps you too would like to participate in the optimization of parking spaces in Brussels for a greener city?

Whatever your motivation, the MyflexiParkBox is an efficient and reliable solution tailored to your needs. You can contact us to discuss the best parking management system solution for you, your building or your company.


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