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ANPR Camera for car parks

Do you own a private car park or a company car park? Real estate developer, will you invest in a building with a car park available for its residents? Security is important to you? You want to ensure the fluidity of the entrances to your parking? Discover the MyflexiParkBox: an innovative solution to facilitate the management of your car park and easily control access to your parking space. With ANPR cameras that allow licence plate recognition for parking cars, you will ensure the safety of the vehicles of your employees, the tenants or the residents of your building. 

secure your car park with anpr cameras

The MyflexiParkBox is a complete solution for controlling access to your car park. Smart software is installed in your car park, allowing access to vehicles.

The driver books and pays online beforehand for a parking space. The system will then encode the licence plate number which will be recognized by the parking management software. 

The software has an optical character recognition function, which can scan and decode licence plates. This technology allows the automatic parking management system to recognize and validate or refuse all vehicles arriving in front of your car park. He can then decide whether he wants to open the barrier to allow the driver's car to enter. A plus for the safety of your car park, as well as to facilitate the entry and exit of vehicles.

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anpr camera software: also an advantage for your management

The licence plate recognition system provides simplified parking access management. On the one hand, the tenant does not have to justify his entry, as it encoded and authorized by an automatic tenant management process. It benefits from easy and quick access to its parking. On the other hand, the parking management software is responsible for allowing access to tenants who have paid, or to your employees who are encoded in our secure cloud.

Finally, all this information is always available in your dashboard. Due to this centralized, automatic and controllable system at all times, parking management has never been easier and clearer.

use the licence plate recognition system now

The automation of car park with a licence plate recognition system with AMPR cameras has considerable advantages. As we have mentioned before, it mainly allows better control by the owner, facilitates its use for tenants, and, therefore, saves time for both parties. For your company car park: the system allows you to facilitate access for all your employees. Do you own a car park? You can easily rent it out and make it profitable. On the property developers' side: licence plate recognition is a real added value and a considerable selling point.

In short, MyflexiPark is an opportunity for all companies, that own parking spaces, to optimize the management of their parking lots with serenity. Contact MyflexiPark to receive all information about an offer.

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Are you convinced of the advantages that our ANPR cameara system, allowing the recognition of licence plates, could give you in the management and profitability of your parking? Do contact us, so that we can consider together the installation of your project.



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