Corporate fleet management: facilitate and optimize your management

corporate Fleet management: make your life easier with the MyflexiParkBox 

Nowadays, with the growth of company car parks, parking management has become a trade in its own right. Corporate fleet management takes an enormous amount of time and requires fleet managers to be more versatile. They are faced with a variety of, and sometimes even very complex, tasks. Furthermore, these roles are currently held by people in HR or from the finance department. For all them, there is the MyflexiParkBox solution. Indeed, we propose a solution created to facilitate the management of a parking mobility policy. In any case the MyflexiParkBox is a real time saver for the management of a corporate car fleet.


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corporate Fleet management: a trade in its own right

Above all, managing a car fleet is a comprehensive and multi-faceted job that requires certain skills ... Therefore, the job has become a trade in its own right. As a general rule, the fleet manager supports the carpolicy as well as everything else related to mobility. Let's zoom in on the different roles required in fleet management by giving some examples (non-exhaustive).

Corporate fleet management is above all a serious responsibility and this at several levels:

  • An administrative workload: claim management, insurance contracts, maintenance and possible fines, optimization of bonus-malus, obtaining registration cards ...
  • Financial plan: negotiation of contracts with providers (such as long-term renters and/or dealers). The fleet manager also handles everything related to the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). That is, all expenditures related to vehicles or the fleet. For instance: repairs, purchase or rental price LTR (Long-Term Rental), fuel costs, registration fees, taxation, resale …
  • Driver management: tracking or geolocacation tools in order to monitor the vigilance of each employee behind the wheel. This includes reducing fuel consumption and avoiding speeding tickets.
  • Management of vehicles: allocation of each vehicle to employees according to their mileage needs, monitoring of vehicles using a GPS system, maintenance in order to minimize the warnings of possible repairs ... Indeed, the maintenance and servicing of the fleet remain essential to guarantee its optimization and operationality.

Finally, in addition to a management role, the person in charge of corporate automotive management is involved in other tasks such as as consultancy, negotiation and logistic activities.

find an efficient solution for corporate  fleet management 

The ultimate goal for any fleet manager is to optimize management and diminish costs as much as possible. Many companies offer a company car to their employees to ensure efficient travel as part of their activities. It must also be said that cars seem to have their little success with them today. The figures show this clearly: almost 20% of the Belgian car fleet are leasing cars. The person in charge of fleet and car park management can therefore quickly be confronted with a large number of cars to manage. Indeed, between employees, external visitors, employees with their own vehicles and company cars, it is easy to get lost.

Fortunately, MyflexiPark has developed its solution to help with fleet management. The MyflexiParkBox allows to manage through a single interface all aspects of the parking of its fleet. The days and hours of operation of the company car park can be adapted to the needs of each employee. Specific time slots may be reserved for the reception of external visitors or new vehicles. Our flexible and simplified solution allows fleet managers to gain both time and efficiency.

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what is the solution THAT THE myflexiparkbox OFFERS TO corporate fleet management?

In one word, what the MyflexiParkBox offers any company or fleet manager is to facilitate the mobility and parking policy.  How? Using the installation of a parking management software. A device that has something to relieve managers in their daily tasks and thus to save them time. Let's dig deeper into our fleet management solutions.

Today, telematics is growing strongly in the automotive sector. It is often even the service of parking management. As explained earlier, it is easy in fleet management to get lost among the tons of information and things to be processed at the same time. This is why the MyflexiParkBox helps you in your management by allowing the centralization of a large amount of company vehicle information. Our system will automate certain processes to offload you into the careful monitoring of your fleet.

Thus the MyflexiParkBox meets your business needs for profitability and fleet management by highlighting an innovative offer of automatic parking management; especially with the help of smart parking sensors. This offer is for any car park owner (companies, law firms, real estate agencies ...) or real estate developers.

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why work with the MyflexiParkBox for coporate fleet management?

Basically, MyflexiPark is specialized in parking management and profitability. Our fleet management software allows automatice control of the entrances and exits of your employees due to an ANPR camera system, allowing the recognition of vehicles. Indeed, this makes it much easier to manage access to your parking. A real time saver that will relieve you, for instance, in driver and in vehicle management. Moreover, you can add to this a reinforcement of your parking security by installing surveillance cameras. Due to the digitalization of your car park, using the installation of fleet management software, we can facilitate the management of your fleet and save time.

The MyflexiParkBox also allows you to welcome external visitors to your property which allows you to gain in profitability by maximizing the occupancy rate of your parking places. To put it another way, renting out your parking to other external people will generate additional income. The principle is simple: drivers are looking for a nearby parking. Propose them a place according to the terms that you will have set up yourself beforehand. You will thus keep full control of your company car park by defining the times of access to your paid parking. 

The MyflexiParkBox smart parking solution is implemented by our company MyflexiPark. We take care of the installation necessary for the digitization of the car park. All information will be centralized in our secure cloud to facilitate your management.

Ultimately, we propose:

  • service guaranty;
  • flexibility;
  • reliability;
  • efficiency;
  • profitability.

Do not wait any longer to make your daily life easier in your fleet management with the MyflexiParkBox smart software. Call us now or get a quote for the installation of your project. 


how our parking digitization system works

The system operates through 2 types of digital openings, depending on the chosen access mode:

  • Automatic opening of the portal by installing ANPR cameras allowing the reading and recognition of licence plates.
  • Automated opening system using your smartphone as a remote control device.

Regarding the first mode of access, it is simply necessary to present your vehicle at the entrance of the parking. The access control is then automatically carried out by optical reading of the characters of the licence plates. The smart software then quickly checks the access rights and opens the gate once the vehecile is identified. And this, always according to the rules you have set beforehand. Your employees or external visitors who have booked a place online will be able to have access to the property without even having to carry out any other action. But above all, without the intervention of third party. This system is suitable for all types of 'enclosed' parking: from a small car park to a large car park. Not to mention all this data is automatically saved in the MyflexiParkBox, the new brain of your car park.

For the second access mode, your car park users can use the MyflexiPark app to open the portal without you having to worry about it. For people who don't have a smartphone or the app, MyflexiPark has developed a digital code or badge accessibility solution.

The billing of your car park for external drivers will be done automatically at the time of the online reservation.

Our solutions make it possible to facilitate corporate fleet management, while making it profitable at the same time.

Are you convinced that the automated operation of our smart system solution could help you on a daily basis? Then do contact us right away!



for whom is our corporate fleet management solution?

In such a demanding sector, we know how important good fleet management is. Company fleet management systems are often appreciated by companies that own large car parks. This is why MyflexiPark, has implemented a B2B offer: the MyflexiParkBox, an automatic parking management system.

This offer is intended for any fleet manager or any other person in charge for this line of business (such as HR or finance managers) wishing to optimize the management of the company parking while saving time. As explained previously, corporate fleet management is a trade in its own right. A profession increasingly complicated by the multitude of incoming and outgoing vehicles to manage.

In other words, the MyflexiParkBox is the ideal solution for managers who need to centralize and manage a large amount of information. Our automatic parking management system will save you time and allow you to focus on other equally important aspects of the work within the organization.

Are you a car park owner or head of a fleet management company? Don't hesitate any longer and call upon our services if you are looking for a way to facilitate this heavy day-to-day management. 



what needs are met by our corporate fleet management solution?

  • From the point of view of the company that owns the car park, the MyflexiParkBox makes its parking spaces profitable. In addtion, this economic surplus-value is made without any management burden.
  • From the point of view of fleet managers, our innovative system facilitates daily management of the mobility and parking policy. This digitalization offers a significant gain in time over the long term. 

Our highly technical solution simplifies fleet management operations and makes them more efficient and, therefore, undoubtedly, less expensive. The smart software offers an intuitive interface that automatically calculates a large amount of data. Consider, for example, the following information: list of employees with access to the car park, information on costs, company vehicles, drivers ...

This way the manager in charge for the mission within the organization can have access to strategic centralized data, in a quick and easy manner. The aim is to give them automatically a better control at a glance over fleet management. 

Does the MyflexiParkBox system meet all your needs in terms of corporate fleet management? Do install our quality solution and you will see for yourself how efficient it works!



the smart parking sensor: a must have for all fleet managers

Our innovative automated parking management solution will allow you to further facilitate and optimize your corporate fleet management. Also, by using the software implemented through the MyflexiParkBox, you stay in control of your data which will all be centralized in our secure cloud. There is a 100% comfort solution in which the MyflexiParkBox supports other tasks to relieve you in your fleet management. For instance: cleaning and maintenance of barriers, reporting, sectional doors ...

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request for additional information or to set up an automated management of your car park. Our reliable, flexible and efficient solution will always adapt to your capacity as well as to your needs. Don't wait any longer to improve you as well the performance of your parking!


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