Smart parking sensor: the solution to facilitate the management and security of your parking

smart parking sensor: technology at the service of your car park

Every parking owner wants to ensure the security of his parking lot. Security is just priceless! Which is why the MyflexiParkBox service is aimed as well at the people and companies who want to secure access, as to people who want to ensure the safety of their cars parked in the car park. And for that, nothing like a smart parking sensor that will provide them with just that security. In this way, you will be able to secure and control the entrances, exists and parking spaces in an automated way.

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What are the benefits of an intelligent parking sensor?

The installation of a smart parking sensor has many advantages to meet management and cost-efficient needs:

  • automated recognition of visitors and collaborators;
  • intelligent opening of in- and outputs;
  • 24/7 surveillance cameras;
  • occupant and building safety;
  • simplified private or visitor access with smart software;
  • parking access more fluid than ever;
  • financial gain: optimization of the occupancy rate.

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what is a smart parking sensor?

To understand how a smart parking sensor can optimize the rental management of any parking.

The smart parking sensor can be installed in any parking lot (underground parking, outdoor parking, covered parking, ...) in the form of an ANPR camera allowing the recognition of any licence plate of any vehicle. As long as the property is enclosed and thus allows its security. The opening of the automatic gate works through the optical character recognition of the licence plates. Once the licence plate is identified by the camera system, the gate is opened automatically.

There is also another mode to allow drivers access to the parking lot of your building or company. This is with the assistance of the MyflexiPark app. Via this app, your employees can open the gate or the portal. With the pressure of a finger, they will be able to enter their parking.

Do you often receive any external visitors? They can also get access via the app, but only if you decide to give them one. Our system is 100% reliable and allows you to manage your parking entrances efficiently and quickly.

In order to secure the parking, the MyflexiParkBox plans the installation of surveillance cameras. One camera can easily film several parking spaces simultaneously. What could be more reassuring than knowing that your vehicle is under good supervision throughout your working day? Your employees enjoy unparalled comfort thanks to our intelligent sensor and parking monitoring system. 

All in all, digitizing a car park with the assistence of a smart parking sensor really helps you to optimize it easily while reducing everyday management complexity. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are also convinced that obtaining a smart parking sensor will make your day-to-day parking management easier.


why collaborate with the MyflexiParkBox smart parking sensor system?

For one thing, this system helps you in the daily management of your available parking spaces. An intelligent parking sensor ensures, through smart software, automatic control of the entrances and exits of your employees due to the identification of all thier vehicles. Once the MyflexiParkBox security system is installed, you will no longer have to worry about managing access to your parking lot. Furthermore, in addition to the automatic opening, our solution secures your parking area by adding surveillance cameras. These cameras can film several parking spaces simultaneously. In other words, the MyflexiParkBox brain will have enough to provide secure parking in your building or at your company.

For another thing, our intelligent parking sensor system makes your car parks as profitable as possible by maximizing their occupancy rate. How? By allowing access to outside motorists through an online booking system. Though you stay in control by deciding who to grant access to your parking lots and when (access times). It is a cost-effective solution, because by allowing outside motorists to park on your property you generate additional income.

Therefore, the MyflexiParkBox's mission is to optimize your parking programs. At the same time, the solution aims to provide practical solutions for drivers looking for a parking space close to their destination; whether for a short or a long period of time.

Let us go back to the security of the car park: the MyflexiParkBox surveillance cameras continuously film 24/7 several parking spaces at the same time, for maximum security of your car park. Moreover, these cameras also allow to detect in real time the occupation rate of your parking.

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