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make your car park more profitable by installing the MyflexiParkBox

Today, it can be noted that car parks are often underexploited and poorly optimized. Therefore, this leads to unnecessary or even extra costs. Let us illustrate this with some figures. The average occupancy rate of company car parks fluctuates between 70% and 90%. Many parking spaces are not always occupied ... This is a pity because better parking management of your infrastructure is a source to make money; i.e. to make the car park profitable. Of course, this as long as you know how to handle it. That is why the MyflexiParkBox offers companies through its services the possibility to meet their parking management and profitability needs. With its automated parking management solution, you can now maximize the potential of your car park with peace of mind by contacting us per e-mail or by phone (+32 2 899 73 73).

how to make your car park profitable?

Primarily, the MyflexiParkBox offer is for any car park owner with more than 5 places in his/her car park. Whether it is an outdoor parking, un underground parking or an enclosed parking. Businesses, communities, law firms or real estate developers can entrust their project to us.

As mentioned above, parking spaces are regularly insufficient occupied within a company. This may be due in particular to a poor management of the company's car park. For instance, in many companies there are places reserved for certain trades such as executives, sales people and/or managers. However, as these people are often on the road and do not constantly use their parking space, this is somewhat paradoxical and, over the long time, can lead to a loss in profitability of the car park.

Notwithstanding, it is no longer a secret, making your car park profitable is first and foremost a matter of good management of your company car park. But that is not all. Maximizing your occupancy rate is also a solution, you can make these places available to external drivers. A benefit for your company, but also for external drivers whishing to find a parking spot next to their destination or workplace.

As a car park owner, do you want to maximize its potential in order to make it as profitable as possible or ...? By using our MyflexiParkBox services, make your car park also source of profitability.



why use the myflexiparkbox to make your car park more profitable ?

The MyflexiParkBox is specialized in car park management and its mission is to meet management and profitability needs of each car park owner. How? By using an innovative automatic parking management system.

To do this, we install smart software that will allow you to manage more easily the access of the parking at your disposal. With the help of an ANPR camera system, allowing the recognition of license plates, the entries and exits of your employees are checked automatically. In the management of the car park you will save time as you will no longer have to worry about anything. In addition to this automation, surveillance cameras can be installed to strengthen your the security of your parking. 

To meet your desire to make the car park profitable, our automated management solution allows you to ensure a better occupancy of parking spaces. In fact, by allowing external drivers to park in your car park by booking a place online, you will maximize the potential of your car park and generate additional revenue. Furthermore, you can reduce the cost of managing your car park by using our smart software. Once again, you don't have to worry about anything. The smart software takes charge of everything: cost management (transaction is done online), adding or removing users, management of inputs ... And all this will be done according to the terms and times of access that you have fixed beforehand.

In addtion to plate recognition, access to your parking area can also be organized by using a smartphone. Once the MyflexiPark app installed, users can use their smartphone as a remote control (for opening the gate to the parking lot). Thus, no need to use the intercom or search for a time stamp. The access to the company car park is simplified through automatic gates.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to take advantage of our smart solution to make your car park profitable or simply to get a quote.



What to conclude from the myflexiparkbox solution to make your car park more profitable?

Ultimately, our intelligent solutions make it easier to manage your car park on a daily basis, while making it more profitable. With the MyflexiParkBox, maximize the potential of your car park! Make the most of it by managing it optimally!

The MyflexiParkBox proposes:

  • profitability (make money);
  • lower management cost (e.g. automation, so need need for a guard);
  • time gain;
  • easy management by using the dashboard and centralization of data in our secure cloud;
  • intuitive interface.

To make your car park profitable as soon as possible, do not hesitate to contact us now.



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