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MyflexiPark's mission is to meet all the needs of the car park owners and the drivers. 

Our car park acces and security management solutions allow your company to offload the management of your car park while optimizing the occupancy rate of your parking spaces and, while doing so, generating additional income. 

  • Owners of office buildings, residential buildings, commercial premises or multi-purpose buildings,
  • property managers,
  • real estate developers,
  • ... or people in charge of the mobility and parking management within their company,

MyflexiPark's parking management service brings you ease, flexibility and profitability.


MyflexiPark has developed a parking management service allowing you:

  • to make your parking spaces profitable;
  • to manage as well "private" access, as "visitors" access, as the "public" access to your car park;
  • to manage in a flexible way your parking quota allocated to each company residing in your building;
  • to optimize and automate the allocation of parking places to the collaborators of the different companies residing in the building while respecting the different quotas;

  • to facilitate the parking reservation process for visitors;

  • to identify the vehicles entering the parking;

  • to monitor in real time the occupancy of the parking;

  • to connect in a practical, friendly and secure manner the members of our community looking for a place to park their vehicle near their destination; whether for a short or a long period of time.


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The MyflexiParkBox is installed in your parking and is the brain of your parking management system.  It ensures security and surveillance by piloting:

  • the driveways,
  • pedestrain accesses,
  • the surveillances cameras,
  • the vehicle identification,
  • the user identification.



Depending on your objectives and the resulting configuration, your car park is available on our website or our app (IOS and Android) to allow access:

  • to employees and visitors to your company and/or building in accordance with your mobility and parking policy;
  • to the drivers of the MyflexiPark community in order to make your parking profitable;
  • or to both groups of drivers mentioned above on the basis of a parking access schedule.



Depending on the acces mode chosen, the driver can access the parking:

  • by opening the barrier or the sectional door
    by using his/her smartphone as a remote control;
  • or simply by presenting the vehicle at the entrance to the car park at which the access opens automatically thanks to the reading and recognition of the vehicle's license plate by the installed camera. 

All the driver has to do, is park the car!

Having become a pedestrian, our app allows the driver to leave the car park and enter it again to pick up his/her vehicle.


The MyflexiParkBox is permanently connected
to our platform and communicates parking data
in real time. 

Therefore, you can consult the main performance indicators of your car park at any time: income, collection, occupancy ...