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Are you traveling by plane from Zaventem airport? Do you want to find a cheaper location than at the airport, but just as easily? Thanks to MyflexiPark – parking Zaventem airport - you can book an affordable place near your destination in just a few clicks.

parking Zaventem Airport

What is MyflexiPark ?

We are a community of individuals and professionals who provide you with private parking spaces. Our services allow you to find a place of parking at low cost, with ease.

To book your site, register first on our site. Then you just need to:

  • Fill in your dates and times of departure and arrival;

  • Select your destination address;

  • Choose the location of your choice.


MyflexiPark offers you two car parks near Brussels Airport. The parking in the Trawoollaan and the car park of the Holiday Inn Brussels Airport are located next to the motorways E40 and A201. So it is easy to get there. Moreover, they are even closer to the airport than the communities of Vilvoorde or even Evere. These car parks are also secured, as is the car park in Zaventem. A shuttle service is possible for all motorists who park their car in a MyflexiPark parking

Save time in parking with MyflexiPark

How does MyflexiPark make it possible for you to save time? Well, it is very simple. Through our platform, you are able to book a parking place in advance. So you no longer waste any time in searching for a car park or looking for a parking space to park your car. Also, as mentioned before, the parking spaces offered by MyflexiPark allow you to leave the car safely when traveling. So leave your car behind and travel in all serenity without having to worry about your car.

Parking Zaventem airport – Why consult us?

To begin, we offer you a wide choice of various places. You can find open locations, private garages, secure parking, etc. With MyflexiPark you are spoiled for choice.

Then you can benefit from the services of a professional Uber vehicle according to your request. Simply book this option online and the car will take you personally to the airport. You save time and gain comfort compared to a shuttle. We also have locations within 1KM of the airport, which allows you to simply walk to your plane.

Finally, our service is reliable, fast and easy to use. The booking is done online and your parking spot is waiting for you the same day.  Whether for a vacation or a business trip, your car can stay in this place for as long as you want.

This is not new, the price of the Zaventem parking is high and can be a very nasty surprise. Indeed, coming back from a trip abroad, no one wants to have to pay an enormous amount of money for a parking space. With MyflexiPark, you are able to anticipate in advance your budget for parking the car and there will be no surprises upon your return.

This is the right advantageous parking plan in order to fully enjoy your holidays without worrying about the price of parking or the safety of your car. So book your parking space on the website of the MyflexiPark app within just a few clicks!


Do not hesitate to call us, or to send us a message via our contact form for any additional information request.

Tel : +32 2 899 73 73


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