Smart parking, the future of town planning thanks to smart parking

smart parking, the future of urban planning through smart parking and smart mobility

You are unable to find a parking place, you are driving around town looking for a parking spot, you are starting hours in advance to make sure you can park somewhere to make it to your appointment on time, you are paying the high price of a fine at the end of the day ... Stress invades metropolises and those who go there. MyflexiPark provides an effective response to the problems faced by motorists in the city. Thanks to smart parking, which is fully part of intelligent mobility policy, the quality of life of the drivers can be improved. The MyflexiParkBox uses state-of-the-art technologies and offers a secure and automated parking management system. Are you interested in participating in the improvement of the urban territory? Contact us per e-mail or by phone (+32 2 899 73 73) to learn more!

what is smart parking?

In a nutshell, smart parking is a parking solution that includes new technologies integrated into the urban environment. They are installed on the parking spaces or right next to the door and at the entrances and exits of the parking. These facilities typically collect data and transmit these to an intelligent mobile application available to drivers. They then have the opportunity to explore all nearby parking options available to them. They can check availability, rates or the location of parking spaces in the area to make their choice of parking easily and quickly.

Thanks to smart parking, you can optimize your parking spaces by renting your vacancies to other drivers. An unused asset is a considerable loss of money to you. Smart parking solutions allow you to get the most out of your real estate.

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the promising evolution of smart cities

Smart parking is part of the trend in the creation of smart cities. Smart cities are places where traditional networks and services have been optimized and made more efficient through the use of digital technologies. The smart city is amongst other rethinking the distribution of heating among inhabitants, saving electricity for public lighting, the technological study of roads or the optimization of traffic flows. All this for the comfort of the residents and businesses of the city. Smart parking is one of these new features to improve urban life.

MyflexiPark wants to offer you its service in line with this new way of thinking about urban life. MyflexiPark and its innovative concept allow you to engage in the collective effort to improve traffic and thus our quality of life in the cities.



the benefits of smart parking for society

To embark on a smart parking solution is to actively and effectively contribute to the change of our cities that need it. Let us take the example of Brussels in a few key figures. Daily, apart from the 175.000 Brussels' vehicles, nearly 190.000 commuter cars enter the capital to get to work. That is 365.000 cars in the city every day and that is just for commuting.

The impacts are serious: air pollution, noise pollution, accidents, detoriation of mental health related to traffic stress ... Add to all this the difficulty of parking! Today, cities face illegal parking problems such as double-lines, unregulated parking on sidewalks or pedestrian crossings. The result is a dangerous nuisance to the safety and ease of movement of weak users or a provocation of traffic jams.

The situation requires sustainable, intelligent measures using the technologies we currently have. Smart parking is part of this drive to improve cities with the help of technology and innovation.

why opt for smart parking?

Basicly, to maximize the return on investment of your real estate. The cost of a parking space is indeed high and, therefore, it is wise to optimize its occupancy. Unoccupied parking spaces represent a considerable loss of money. That is why you have everything to gain by renting out your sites for a day, a week, a lmonth or even a year.

Then you propose actively a solution to parking difficulties. We are seeing more and more motorists, especially in large cities. There is nothing more frustrating than looking for a parking space for hours and arriving late for work. As a company, you can implement a smart parking solution to make parking easier for your staff and employees. Are you a real estate investor? Make your car park more profitable by using the technology offered by an automated parking solution.

Are you looking for a smart parking solution to rent out your parking spaces? The MyflexiParkBox and its secure, automated and centralized system with its software and dashboard will take care of everyting. Renting out your car park has never been easier and more profitable.



smart parking: for whom?

Whether you are a private owner of a car park, a real estate developer or a manager of a company with parking spaces, you can entrust our company with the struggle of parking management. Managing a car park is no easy task and that is why the professionals of the MyflexiParkBox are working on it. Here are the benefits of our intelligent parking solution:

  • First of all, the owner of the parking lot is assured that only authorized cars have access. The security of the establishment is guaranteed. It can also, if desired, easily control access through centralized information in the dashboard.

  • Second, the driver renting the parking space should not burden with anything. He looks for a parking space nearby, reserves it, encodes the data of his vehicle and pays a fee in a secure way. At the end, this information will be sent to your dashboard and the motorist will only have to go to the gate of the car park where his entry will be authorized by the automatic recognition of his licence plate.

  • Third, verification is automatic and fully automated by algorithmic recognition technology. The owner no longer has to manage his own car park. He no longer has to employ a guard who will take care of it. Moreover, the user can enter and exit the rented parking space quickly and easily.

  • Finally, MyflexiPark, is an opportunity for all companies that own parking spaces to make them profitable. Maximize your returns by renting those out which you do not use!

new technologies at the service of parking

The MyflexiParkBox makes your car park smart by using a wide range of advanced technologies. First, the ANPR cameras allowing licence plate recognition that guarantee the automatic opening of the car park for each vehicle registered in the MyflexiParkBox. Whether it is an underground car park, a covered car park or a car park delimited by barriers, this system allows an ease of entry for authorized drivers and ensures the security of the establishment by refusing outdoor vehicles with no authorization. The parking space is thus protected from intruders and vandals, ensuring the safety of all.

The sensors installed at the entrance of the car park allow to know continuously the availability or not of parking spaces. They also make it possible to collect data on vehicle parking times. With this tool, you can easily identify free and available parking spots. In addition, the surveillance cameras guarantee optimal security for vehicles parked in your car park. Read more about MyflexiParkBox's smart parking sensors.

Finally, all this data is centralized in an up-to-date application or dashboard and available at any time. You can study these data in order to optimize the occupancy of your parking spaces.

Would you like to benefit from all the advantages of our intelligent parking sensor? Do contact MyflexiPark!

how to optimize your parking ?

In a few words, the parking rental management proposed by the MyflexiParkBox facilitates exchanges and mutual assistance between companies, promoters, agencies and individuals. To do this, we use a secure, easy to use and efficient software. We support the full digitalization of your parking.

how does myflexiparkbox's smart parking solution work?

Let's take a specific example that follow the operation of our services from A to Z. Sophie is the managing director of communication agency located in the capital. Her company owns two floors of office space and 30 underground parking spaces for her staff and employees.

Meanwhile, everyone enjoys a teleworking day every Thursday. The parking spaces are empty all day and yet, Sophie's company still has these parking spaces. In order to optimize this parking space 100%, the agency decides to rent out these spaces through the MyflexiParkBox. MyflexiPark installs its software on the parking system of Sophie's agency and allows the reception of tenants in full safety.

Now we have Theo and his three colleagues who launched a start-up of organic products. Several Thursdays a month, they travel to the capital to meet investors. By downloading the MyflexiParkBox app, they find the vacant parking spaces of Sophie's company close to their meeting place. They encode the data of their respective cars, pay for parking for the day and report to the basement. Our system will recognize their licence plate and let them in.

Sophies' agency makes a profit on its unused spaces and Theo's team quickly finds a place to park their car safely and benefits from reasonable rates.

what MyflexiPark can do for you

The MyflexiParkBox is a smart parking solution, to facilitate the management of your parking spaces. We propose an inovative solution to the diffculties currently encountered by motorists. Thanks to the MyflexiParkBox, drivers will finally find a solution to parking problems. Using state-of-the-art technologies, the MyflexiParkBox offers an automated and secure parking management system. Our goal? Facilitate contact between car park owners and drivers to facilitate parking in cities. Discover the MyflexiParkBox and its smart parking system now.



a professional company at your service

Are you a company that owns a car park of over 5 parking spaces? Want to make it profitable? The MyflexiParkBox links your properties to other companies that want to rent them. Enjoy our secure, user-friendly and fast platform. Start renting parking spaces now and make your parking smart.

Our team of professionals takes care of everything, from the installation of the cameras to the settings of your dashboard. We work quickly, efficiently, and respond to the specific demands of each facility. Once the software is installed, you can manage your access at a glance, continuously monitor your parking and optimize the parking space you have.

You have any questions about our MyflexiParkBox or would like to contact our professionals? MyflexiPark is at your service.



take advantage of the myflexiparkbox offer

The MyflexiParkBox meets the demand of existing car parks as well as for spaces undergoing renovation. Also, the offer is available directly for the construction of new parking spaces. Contact us for your future projects or your current parking projects. We will support you in your parking approach. Visit our website and ask for advice and services! Together, let's think about your car park differently!



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