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automatic parking management: simplified management of your car park

Are you a real estate developer or a car park owner unable to manage it to its full potential? Or do you get the benefits from it? By using our automatic parking management solution, the MyflexiParkBox will meet your needs by relieving you of this task. Through our services, the management and the profitability of your car park has never been more obvious. Today, car parks are part of a market in their own right. Therefore, automatic parking management is now essential to make your parking spaces profitable without an additional administrative burden.

Are you looking for a company specialized in automatic parking management? Look no further, MyflexiPark is the specialist!  Contact us by e-mail or by phone (+32 2 899 73 73) for more information.

why work with the myflexiparkbox for automatic parking management?

Primarely, the MyflexiParkBox develops with the help of professional equipment all the necessary technology that will allow you to guarantee a secure parking for your employees. A license plate recognition software, with the help of ANPR cameras, will allow you to easily manage the latter's access. A real time saver in the management of your car park.

In addition to your employees, the MyeflxiParkBox allows car park owners, tenants and/or companies, based in the building, to receive outside motorists, by making their parking spaces available to drivers looking for a spot to park their vehicle near their vicinity. We know how time-consuming and challenging manual parking management can be. That is why our professionals offer an automatic parking management. With this solution, your company can be relieved from the management task, while maximizing the occupancy rate of the sites and thus the satisfaction of employees in charge. The MyflexiParkBox offers you: flexibility and ease of management, but above all profitability because of optimized cost management.

So, no matter who is using your company's parking spaces, you will satisfy them by allowing these drivers to park easily and this according to the rules that you will have defined yourself. With our automatic parking management, keep control by limiting parking to those hours that are right for your business. You can limit the parking to a list of drivers that you have selected beforehand. With the MyflexiParkBox, manage at best the accesses, for all entrances and exits, with the automatic parking management system.

You are a car park owner and you would like to make use of the MyflexiParkBox service for an optimal management of your car park? Then do contact us without any further delay.




how does automatic parking management work?

The automatic parking management works in particular with the help of a smart parking sensor system. The aim of this automation is to ensure the fluidity of this management on a daily basis. The access control is controlled automatically with ANPR cameras allowing the recognition of licence plates. So no need to make an intercom call, the automatic gate system takes care of everything. A smart software quickly checks for each vehicle the access rigths and schedules according to the defined rules (as mentioned above). Whether for outdoor parking, underground parking or covered parking, the MyflexiParkBox is suitable for parking lots of all sizes. All we need is for the parking to be enclosed and, therefore, secure. Thanks to the MyflexiPark app, your car park users can also use their phone as a remote control to open the portal. By the way, parking fees for external drivers will be charged at the time of booking on the app.

In order to avoid congestion and thus streamline traffic in your car park, access for motorists is only possible if there are still parking spaces available. To do this, each parking space is equipped with a detector connected to smart software to detect the presence or not of a vehicle. This will give you an accurate occupancy rate of your parking places.

Are you convinced by the intelligent operation of the MyflexiParkBox? Don't wait any longer to get it for an easy daily parking management. 



what are the objectives of the myflexiparkbox for automatic parking management?

On the one hand, this automatic parking management solution will give your employees a secure car park where they can drop off their car. But it will also save a considerable amount of time for drivers having permission to park their vehicle in your parking area. Indeed, drivers no longer need to obtain a parking ticket or find a place and consequently a parking meter to park their car since the reserved place awaits your drivers patiently.

On the other hand, this solution will allow you to make the most of your parking without even having to take care of it. Once again, the automatic parking management software will take care of everything: adding or removing users from the parking, setting access times, simplified profit management, monitoring and management of entrances and exits ... In order to benefit as much as possible from the MyflexiParkBox maximize the potential of your car park by managing it efficiently. That is, our self-management system offers you: ease of control with consequently a profit. 

Call us on +32 2 899 73 73 if you would like to take advantage of our automatic parking management solution.



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