Cobrace: how to limit the cost for your company?

Cobrace: how to limit environmental tax cost?

Do you own a company car park and is your company directly affected by the Cobrace plan? Would you like to avoid paying as much as you can any additional tax related to offering a parking lot to your employees? MyflexiParkBox offers you a solution to help you to pay for the taxes related to Cobrace in Brussels. Contact us by per e-mail or by phone (+32 2 899 73 73) for more information or to set up our parking digitalization system. 



Would you like to know more about Cobrace? Let's go back to the details of this regulation and its impact on your budget.

what is the goal of the cobrace plan?

The Cobrace plan, implemented by the Brussels-Capital Region, aims to reduce traffic in the Belgian capital. Briefly, by penalizing company car parks, the Brussels-Capital Region hopes to reduce the number of sites available, thus increasing the number of workers preferring public transport, cycling, walking ... In fact, the objective is mainly to promote soft mobility, but also to make company parking lots available to the public and to car pool parking.


how is cobrace applied in brussels?

A company has the right to own a number of parking spaces based on: 

  • accessibility: its localisation in the capital;
  • office space: the number of m2 of work space.

For the accessibility, the Brussels Capital-Region considers 3 distictive zones represented on the map on the right. Zone A (en rouge sur la carte) is considered easily accessible by transport, zone B (en orange sur la carte) is rather accessible, zone C (en jaune sur la carte) is moderatly accessible. So, the more easily accessible the zone in which your building is located, the fewer spaces you can allocate to your emloyees. 

Office space is also an important criterion for the Cobrace plan. The more office space you have, the more parking spaces you may have.

The rules for calculating the number of parking spaces are as follows:

  • For buildings located in zone A and whose floor surface is less than or equal to 250 m²: 2 parking spaces. 
  • For buildings located in zone A with a floor surface of more than 250 m²: 2 parking spaces for the first 250 m2 of floor area and 1 parking spaces for each additional 200 m² of floor surface.
  • For buildings located in zone B: 1 parking space per 100 m² of floor surface.
  • For buildings located in zone C: 1 parking space per 60 m² of floor surface.

For instance, a company in the centre of Brussels (zone A) which has 500 m2 of floor surface can have 4 parking spaces. 

Another example: a company in the heart of Schaarbeek (zone B) that has 900m2 of office surface, wil be entitled to have 9 parking spaces.

You are always entitled to a certain number of parking spaces for your employees. Though, if you exceed this number of limited parking spaces, you are liable for an annual fee per additional parking space that you make available to your employees; i.e. the Cobrace tax.

How the annual parking tax is calculated?

Depending on the zone in which your building is located, the annual tax varies. You pay: 

  • 450€ per additional place per year in zone A
  • 350€ per additional place per year in zone B
  • 250€ per additional place per year in zone C

Moreover, the annual tax increases each year by 10%. So the second year, you will pay 495€ per additional parking place in zone A. Because the tax is exponential, you will pay more than 797€ per additional place at the end of the 6th year. Needless to say that Cobrace can quickly make you lose a lot of money.


how to absorb the cost of the cobrace plan in brussels?

There are several ways to reduce your business cost:

  • Turn you parking spaces into employee accomodations.

You can turn your car park into a bicylce parking lot.  With the help of the MyflexiParkBox, your employees will be able to park their bike safely.

  • Reduce the number of parking spots allocated to your employees.

You could make your parking spaces available for other road users. Shared car mobility is booming in Brussels. It is possible for you to park these cars with part of your parking spaces. With the help of the MyflexiParkBox, you can easily make your parking spaces available to outsiders, who can rent the available spaces. The income generated by renting out your car park will help help you to reduce the cost of the annual Cobrace tax considerably. 

  • Rent out your parking spaces in the evening or in the weekends.

You want to increase the occupancy rate of your car park? In the evening and in the weekends, when employees are not in the office, you can easily rent out their parking spaces to outsiders; people looking for a parking next to their destination (theater, restaurant, market ...). This way, your parking lot can become an interesting source of additional revenue if you use a system such as the MyflexiParkBox. Our system allows you to virtually increase your parking.

You own a car park and would like to absorb your cost related to the Cobrace plan by taking advantage of the MyflexiParkBox smart offer? Then do call our company to find out more what it all is about.


What is the myflexiparkbox and how does it reduce the cost of corporate car parks?

The MyflexiParkBox is a smart parking solution for any company or community wishing to make their car park profitable.

If on weekdays and/or weekends, your car park is not completely full, then you want to make every parking space you have available profitable. Using our parking management software, you can easily rent out to a single or regular drivers parking spaces in your car park. It is up to you to define the single, monthly or annual fee to be paid for this parking space. Parking spaces in Brussels are traded at gold prices, which will allow you to optimize the occupancy rate of your car park while amortizing the cost associated with it.

Our management interface assists you to easily manage rentals of your available parking spaces without suffering from a new administrative burden. MyflexiPark is also responsible for all the implementation of the digitalization of your park. Once our system is installed, you have access to a smart dashboard that allows you to always keep an eye on:

  • the number of places available;
  • the identity of your employees and visitors with access to the car park;
  • the authorized hours of access for each tenant/employee;
  • billing your car park spaces rented out;
  • the vehicles entering/leaving the car park;
  • …   

The MyflexiParkBox is an efficient, reliable and flexible solution for all companies. Our parking space management platform adapts specifically to your needs and capacity.

You want to better manage your parking cost while contributing to its optimization? Our MyflexiParkBox solution is waiting for you to help you to manage and make your car park more profitable. 



increase your revenue in order to reduce your car park cost

Using the MyflexiParkBox, you can increase your monthly income by renting out your parking spaces. The cost of the Cobrace plan are amortized accordingly. This is real good news for your cash-flow! 

Contact us if you plan to use our smart system and want to get a quote.



You are interested in our cost-efficient solution by monetizing your parking spaces? Contact MyflexiPark now to set up the rental of of your car park!

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