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Facility management parking: save serenely your time

Is parking management for your employees taking too much time? Would you like to entrust the management of your car park to a professional company? The MyflexiParkBox is an innovative and secure solution for the parking management of companies and communities. Our facility management parking system will save you time and energy, while offering your employees a comfortable parking system.

Do you also want to use our solution? Contact MyflexiPark per e-mail or by phone (+32 2 899 73 73) for more information.

who is the facility management parking for?

The parking facility management is for any company or community that wants to optimize the management of its parking while saving time. Fleet managers and HR managers are often assigned to parking management. The time-consuming and sometimes stressful task represents a real adminstrative burden and prevents these managers from moving forward in other aspects of their work.

Are you a fleet manager, responsible for the corporate vehicles or in charge for the parking of your company and you want to save time on a daily basis? Then the MyflexiParkBox is for you! Contact us to receive all the information about our facility management parking system.


how does the MyflexiParkBox work?

The MyflexiParkBox is a digital parking automation solution designed especially for companies. Our access control solution allows you to store your employees' information in our secured cloud. Registration, access times, parking location, ...; all can be recorded in just a few minutes in the dashboard of your MyflexiParkBox.

Once the information has been encoded, the management software provides access to authorized vehicles in a timely matter. At a glance, you can also change employee data, check the number of places still available, allow unique visitors, ...

Our ANPR camera system allows licence plate recognition, making the access to the company car park fully automatic. There is also a smart solution for managing parking access and that is via our smartphone app. This one is easy and quick to install, and simple ti use for all your employees.

With the MyflexiParkBox optimize your employees' parking spaces while saving time. No need to spend hours updating registration data, organizing parking schedules or counting the number of places remaining. The management software does it for you! Are you a fleet manager? Then read also: the MyflexiParkBox benefits for fleet managers or do contact MyflexiPark for more information.


the benefits of facility management parking: also for your employees

From both management and employee perspectives, automated parking management is a real time and energy saver. Your employees can quickly enter a enclosed car park, underground car park or any secured outdoor parking, without going around in circles for valuable endless minutes to find an available parking spot. Your employees are able to arrive more serene at their workplace. They can already start their day without the stress of finding a place to park their car.

In order to further optimize your resource management, we can help you to maintain your parking and equipment. Maintenance of barriers and/or sectional doors, reporting or cleaning ..., it all can be supported by our staff.

Call MyflexiPark to install your smart parking management system now!

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