Are you soon on the road to go on a business trip and you do not want to go around in circles to find a parking space indefinitely on your destination? Do you want to save time? With MyflexiPark, no more hassle! Indeed, we offer parking Brussels Midi, and whatever the moment. Whether you are an individual or a professional, or even a company, we assure you a quality service. Your business trip only takes a day, or on the contrary, it extends over a week? No problem, MyflexiPark offers you places available at any time for your departure and for the full period of your absence. We know very well how difficult it is to find a parking space around Brussels Midi at reasonable cost. That's why we make it easy for you. Make your reservation in no time, no matter where you are.

The Brussels Midi Rossini car park

Underground car park located at the rue Rossini 38b Rossinistraat in Anderlecht (Brussels), lit, secure and video surveillance with pedestrian exit and 24/7 access. Ideally located close to the Brussels-Midi station. Barely five minutes to get to the platform!  Indeed, the Rossini underground car park is located near rue Brogniez and rue Eloy, not far from the Brussels Midi railway station. You barely need 5 minutes to get to the platform. Whether you have to catch the Thalys, the Eurostar or any other train at the SNCB station, the Rossini parking is ideally located in Anderlecht.

Simply book your parking space via the app or on the MyflexiPark website. So next time you arrive in the Belgian capital, you no longer need to search for hours to find the right parking. The car park next to Brussels Midi railway station allows you to go in peace to the Brussels Midi railway station to take public transport.

See our positive reviews, of which some can be found below (section "What our members say about the Brussels Midi Rossini car park").

Prices :

  • PROMO -5%: 2.2 € per hour
  • EXCEPTIONAL DISCOUNT -22%: 15.1 € per day (instead of 19.5€ per day)
  • EXCEPTIONAL DISCOUNT -15%: 105.7 € per week (instead of 125€ per week)

Park and travel with peace of mind.

How to park at the Brussels South railway station?

If you come by car to the Brussels Midi railway station, it is very likely that you will take some time to find where to park your car. That is why MyflexiPark will make your life easier by offering you the possibility to park your car in the underground car park Rossini next to the station.

Apart from saving time, the parking lot next to the train station allows you to save money. Because paying for parking in the city can be quite expensive. With MyflexiPark, you will pay up to 50% less. The rate of the parking next to the Brussels Midi railway station can allow you to save money so you have some money to buy a gift for the person you pay a visit to. Or simply you can give yourself a treat during the weekend you spend in Brussels.

What to do around the Brussels Midi railway station?

MyflexiPark allows you to have some extra time to spend before catching the train, TGV or … So you can for instance use this time to visit the surroundings of the train station. Pay a visit to the flea market in the Midi district, go to the Marolles district and discover the antique shops, go for a walk in the Porte de Hal park … As you can see, there are plenty of great ways to start you trip to Brussels.

Do not wait any longer and join the MyflexiPark community!

What our membrers say about the brussels Midi Rossini parking

O.S. - 16/09/2019

Votre application est très pratique et le parking réservé conforme en tout point.

V.S. - 07/09/2019

Juste parfait aucun probleme

T.A. - 25/08/2019

Au debut j'avais peur mais c vraiment du serieux et Merci

E.S. - 20/08/2019

Parfait. Quelques craintes au début ,à savoir si le lien internet va fonctionner, mais tout a super bien marché.
Parking sécurisé, place de parking assez large (range rover) comparée à d'autres.
Prix très compétitif. Je recommande.

L.A. - 05/08/2019

Super, facile pour y accéder
Les voitures sont en sécurité.
Je le recommanderais.

P. D. - 03/08/2019

Parking très pratique, propre et sécurisé.

B. S. - 15/07/2019

Parfait !! A 2 min de la gare pour le 1/3 du prix


Isn't the first thing you are looking for excellent quality of service? This is an important issue on which we focus. Indeed, MyflexiPark relies on reliability, availability and flexibility. You must know that we are constantly improving our services to best satisfy your experience. In fact, we guarantee you a considerable saving of time. Who has never encountered any difficulties in finding a parking space? It does not please anybody, and it's just waste of time, valuable time. In addition, we must not forget that there are more and more cars in circulation. However, there is not really a proportional increase in parking spaces. That's why we solve this issue by offering you our solution, because we put at your disposal locations available at all times, close to your destination. When you use MyflexiPark you will find the right parking for you with the option to book it ahead of time online. Therefore, only in a few clicks, you get rid of the delay caused by the desperate search for a parking space and gain a peace of mind for arriving on time.


First of all, MyflexiPark is a platform bringing together professionals and individuals who can provide parking spaces to drivers. Whether it is a private parking, or a private garage, we leave the opportunity for owners to submit their parking. These car parks are first validated by MyflexiPark, then offered to drivers looking for a spot to park their car close to their destination. In the case of our parking Brussels Midi, all car parks are exclusively provided by companies.

Furthermore, it should be noted that MyflexiPark is responsible for managing everything 24 hours a day. At the slightest problem, we intervene. For example, if, at midnight, a person is in difficulty with the access code, we act quickly to provide the necessary assistance.

Finally, MyflexiPark builds a community based on trust. We validate each parking space submitted on the basis of our criteria of excellence.


If you drive often to Midi station, you know that traffic jams are daily. They are even more dense at peak times. Stuck in traffic, you know that finding a place to park will not be easy. Indeed, traffic jams hinder the search for a parking space, which only add more to the delay. Turn to MyflexiPark to reserve your spot. It will be waiting for you on the day of your reservation.

First of all, the Brussels Midi car park is located close to the station itself, making traveling easier. We guarantee a security for your vehicle. Indeed, you can leave your car and leave your mind serene. Your car will be kept in a safe place.

Remember to look at the descriptions for each car park when looking for one in the list. Some have surveillance cameras, others are accessible via the box of a garage or with a personal code. Moreover, before your reservation starts, you will receive the necessary information to ensure the efficiency of access to the car park. So choose according to what you want. In addition, get your parking place at a low price.

All you have to do is  to book, drive to your reserved spot, and leave your car behind with peace of mind.


Still having the same parking problem when you take the car? To know that you will go around in circles without finding a secure parking space? Are you going on a business trip very soon, and you want to stay relaxed? You do not want to worry any longer about the problem to find a place available? MyflexiPark is your solution to all these problems. Our platform makes your life easier by offering you a wide list of car parks available near your destination.

In addition, the MyflexiPark service is as suitable for businesses as for individuals. As a company, you can easily reserve a parking space for one or more of your employees. You offer the employee all the comfort of a stress-free journey and the security of a private car park. Your employees can even book a parking space for themselves if they wish, just go to the website of MyflexiPark.


Finding a parking Brussels Midi becomes a breeze. Our service is easy to use, reliable and convenient. MyflexiPark is above all:

  • Always available

  • Irreproachable reliability

  • A service that meets your needs

  • A community based on trust

  • A booking system in just a few clicks

  • Location security

  • Payment security

In addition, even if your business trip lasts a day or a week, you always have the option for yourself to choose the duration of reservation of the parking space. Via our platform you will find both short and long term parking solutions. Thanks to MyflexiPark, you can book a parking space with a few mouse clicks, also for several weeks.

Finally, regarding the use of your data, we take care to protect each user data on our platform. Whether your personal or banking information, they are as safe as your vehicle. If you wish to know more about our privacy policy, we invite you to consult our dedicated section for this purpose.


To book a place in the parking Brussels Midi, there is nothing as easy to do. First, sign up for MyflexiPark, and complete your profile. Then, browse through the proposed parkings for the selected address and choose the one that best meets your expectations. Once done, check availability and book directly through our platform. Pay online with our secured payment system and your reservation will be validated automatically after payment. A confirmation will be received by mail.

It should be noted that the security of payments is a key point for us. We assure you secure payments. Indeed, we cooperate with one of the world's leading online payment platforms. So book with confidence with MyflexiPark.


MyflexiPark relies on the importance of trust established between users. Indeed, it is what contributes to producing a better service. Members have the opportunity to leave notices on the locations they have reserved. These evaluations will help other members in their search for an ideal parking space. The feedback allows all parties to build a clear opinion and to improve the service of MyflexiPark on a continuous basis.

Next, we also emphasize on the courtesy that users must have. If, for example, you notice that you will not be able to return the parking space in time, you must inform our contact center accessible 24 hours a day.

Finally, the respect of the members is something we particularly care about. We want to bring mobility solutions to the city of Brussels through a professional and friendly service.


You're already on the road, you do not have your laptop within handreach and you want to make a reservation for a parking place in Brussels Midi? MyflexiPark has the solution for you. Indeed, we put at your disposal a free mobile application available in the App Store and in Google Play. It allows you to have access to all the features offered online on our website. Everything in the palm of your hand wherever you are. Choose the parking that suits you, and book it in no time. Pay immediately, receive a booking confirmation and enjoy all the features present at any time and any place thanks to our application. Booking Brussels Midi has never been so easy.


During your business trip, would you like to enjoy it a little and visit the city in which you are? MyflexiPark gives you some ideas of places to visit, wherever you go in Thalys or Eurostar.

Aboard the Thalys, let yourself be tempted by the Parisian, London or Amsterdam landscapes. With your car parked in the parking Brussels Midi, relax and enjoy the beauty of the trip.

First of all, let yourself be charmed by the splendor of the Parisian streets and its famous monuments. Paris is the openness to culture first and foremost. With its countless museums, you will not be bored. You can visit the famous Louvre Museum, and admire the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo or the Raft of the Medusa. Also taste the French gastronomy in the various restaurants offering a terrace on the famous Avenue des Champs-Elysées. Enjoy a breath of fresh air in the Tuileries garden before leaving for a rest on this sweet day.

When we talk about London, we immediately think about Big Ben. If the Royal family interests you, you can visit the Buckingham Palace (at specific times). This is the place where British sovereigns reside, including Queen Elizabeth II. You will also be able to attend the changing of the guard. Moreover, passing on the Tower Bridge, known bridge in London, you will have a breathtaking view of the capital and the Thames. You can also visit the Madame Tussauds museum. You will discover celebrities from around the world in the form of wax statues. It's also the perfect opportunity to enjoy a delicious Fish & Chips.

Finally, change of course, direction Amsterdam. Rent a bike, and roam the city freely. It is the best way of locomotion. The city has built a lot of infrastructure for bicycles. It is therefore a pleasure to pedal there for long minutes. Then enjoy tasty Dutch cheeses while enjoying a free concert at Vondelpark. Learn more about the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh by visiting the Van Gogh Museum.

Wherever you go, leave your vehicle safe with MyflexiPark.


The MyflexiPark service interests you, but questions still remain about our parking Brussels Midi? Feel free to take a look at our frequently asked questions. Indeed, we list the most common questions, such as those related to booking or to a cancellation. If you do not find your satisfaction among the questions/answers in this list, do not hesitate to send us an email with your question. We will take care of integrating it into the list if it is deemed relevant.


If you wish to have additional information, or if you encounter any problem, contact us via our contact form. You can also call us at +32 2 899 73 73.


In addition to the Brussels Midi car park, you can find all the locations offered by MyflexiPark. In fact, whether you are looking for a place near train stations or airports, we offer various locations. In fact, find our Parking Charleroi Airport, Discount parking Zaventem before boarding your plane, or book your Parking Forest National before a concert.

MyflexiPark is also a parking management service for professionals!

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