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rental management of your parking spaces 

Are you a company that owns parking spaces? Want to make your real estate (more) profitable? The MyflexiParkBox can help you optimize the rental management of the car park you own. By using our intelligent parking management solution, you maximize the occupancy rate of your space, without increasing the administrative burden. Interested? Call us on +32 2 899 73 73, or request for a quote online.

what is the rental management of a car park by the myflexiparkbox?

The rental management of a car park by the MyflexiParkBox is simple. We install a digital parking access control solution, ANPR cameras with licence plate recognition software available on request in our parking management solution.

Your car park is managed via the MyflexiPark app and all your infromation is stored in our secure cloud. Our solution is defined as a response to parking management problems as well as a way to make it profitable.

  • For parking management: you have access in real time to all data you need to know the parking occupancy rate. 

  • For the profitability of the car park: the MyflexiParkBox is automatically in charge for payments, access, authorizations ... A problem with a tenant who no longer pays? The parking management software takes charge of everything! Access to the automobilist will be refused as long as the latter is in default of payment.

Benefit from our intelligent solution now. 



why use the myflexiparkbox for the rental management of your car park?

Renting parking spaces in Brussels is a real gold mine for the owners. The only problem is that the management can be a long and tedious task. That is why the MyflexiParkBox offers an innovative, fast and easy-to-use solution for all car park owners in Brussels. Our secure and intuitive application tells you at a glance all the information you want to know. Monitoring your car park, knowing precisely its occupancy rate or even making it available to a new tenant ..., all this is done in no time.

You too, you want to save money and time with your car park? The MyflexiParkBox makes it possible! Request a quote or give us a call for your questions about our rental parking management software.



automated parking management: a solution for companies

You are a company and you want to make your car park profitable? When your employees are not in the office, on weekends for example, rent the parking spaces you have! Using the MyflexiParkBox will make your parking spaces available to anyone who has the proper autorization.

The driver uses the MyflexiPark app, encodes his/her vehicle data, pays online, and our parking management solution does the rest! Optimize your parking spaces every day of the year with our smart management solution.

For companies: find out how the MyflexiParkBox can help you with fleet management and reduce costs related to the Cobrace plan.