Parking company: put you parking in good hands

parking company: trust the expert to manage your car park

Nowadays, poor parking management can quickly lead to a loss of time but even more important a loss of money. You own a car park and you have understood the importance of entrusting its management to a quality provider? MyflexiPark is the parking company you need. With our MyflexiParkBox solution, you can offload parking management while maximizing your revenue. An innovative solution developed by a stable, reliable and professional parking company.

who do we target with our parking company?

Our MyflexiParkBox offer is for any car park owner. Take for instance the owners of buildings or commercial centers, companies or real estates. Our automatice parking management solution may also be of interest to building managers or to mobility and parking managers. But that is not all. In addition to the existing car parks, our offer is also for the car parks that still need to be built or renovated. So real estate developers are another group of people who could use our services. 

The MyflexiParkBox can be installed in any type of parking lot: outdoor parking, underground parking, covered parking ... As long as it is an 'enclosed' parking, we can make it a secure parking.

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Why trust our parking company?

Basicly, our parking company is the first Belgian company to share parking places.

On the one hand, we want to help motorists to find easily a place near their destination thanks to the management of rental parkings. And, on the other hand, we help you to manage your parking and to make them profitable.

Indeed, for several years now, we have been specializing in the parking business and we are commited to meeting two major needs among our customers: the management and cost-effectiveness of their parking lots. That is why we developed the MyflexiParkBox. It is an automatic access management and security solution allowing you to relieve yourself in this task. All this by maximizing the occupancy rate of your parking lot, which will generate additional income. More specifically, you are going to provide a secure parking for your employees and at the same time, you have some of parking spaces rented out to external automobilists who are looking for a place to park their vehicle (whether short or long term). This all in accordance with your mobility and parking policy. Therefore, you need to decide beforehand the opening times of your parking where external visitors can park.

With our parking company, parking management will always align with your goals. You will keep control of your parking area by having an overview of your data. The MyflexiParkBox is permanently connected to a dashboard that communicates information in real time. As such, you can observe with all transparency the performance indicators of your car park: occupancy rate, income ...

Rely on the expertise of MyflexiPark and benefit from an easy parking management and profitability. Contact us for a quote.



what are the other strengths of our parking company?

The MyflexiparkBox smart parking solution is fully implemented by MyflexiPark professionals. We take charge of all the digitalization of your company's car park. We will provide you with reliable and professional equipment in order to give you the best possible results. Due to this state-of-the-art technology MyflexiPark has been able to fulfil its legitimacy and establish itself as a reference in the market of parking. Overall, we can say that our parking company is: professional, stable, solid, reactive, efficient, flexible and vigilant to the needs of each of our customers.

Also, in 3 phrases, our automatic parking management services will allow you:

  • to secure your parking lot;
  • to make your parking lots more profitable by optimizing their potential;
  • to facilitate the management of your access (private access, access for your empoyees and visitors ...).

Would you like to take advantage of the benefits of our services? Contact us now so we can look at this project together.



what is the myflexiparkbox from our parking company?

The principle of our MyflexiParkBox from our parking company is quite simple. Our system operates according to 2 easy and fast access modes:

  • Automatic gate opening via smartphone (which then serves as remote control to the driver).
  • ANPR camera system for reading and recognizing licence plates.

By using this automation, your users will not have to perform any other actions to access your car park. And you, on your side, will have nothing to take care of! In these conditions, no longer need for a parking card, for a parking meter or for an intercom. The drivers just drive straight to their reserved place to park their car.

Don't hesitate to ask for a quote for the installation of your MyflexiParkBox by our parking company.

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