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You are a company and would like to install electric vehicle charge points for your employees ? With MyflexiPark, your manufacturer of electric charge points, get all the assurance of a professional installation. Our parking optimization experts are delighted to answer all your questions and set up an electric vehicle charging system in your company car park.

Charge point stations manufactured for optimal use

The manufacturer of MyflexiPark electric vehicle charge points, together with its partner Capflow, offers you charge points for your private or semi-public car park. Need more information ? Do contact us or pay a visit to our website :

Why choose us as your manufacturer for your electric vehicle charge points ?

In addition to being manufactured with our trusted partner Capflow, our electric vehicle charge points are installed according to the infrastructure of your car park. Once the dimensions of the site are taken, our certified experts proceed to the installation of the terminals. The duration of the installation varies according to the number of terminals desired and the planning and lay-out of your parking. Our charge points have been developed to offer you and your employees optimal ease of use. They can also automatically manage the dynamic load of different vehicles of your car park. Apart from being very secure, they distribute the electrical power to the different vehicles according to the electrical power of your building.  

Discover all the possibilities of electric charge points with MyflexiPark :

The electric charging stations for companies

How much does a charging station cost ?

A charging station : how it works ?

MyflexiPark : electric vehicle charge points manufacturer

MyflexiPark specialises in the manufacture of AC electric charge points.

AC terminals use alternating current, unlike DC terminals that use direct current. With MyflexiPark’s intelligent solution, you can decide to modulate the charge power distributed among the vehicles that use your charge points.

For example : your sales rep, Mark, arrives at the office at 12:00 pm and must leave the office before 02:00 pm. Your administrator, Ivan, arrives at 08:00 am and leaves the office at 04:00 pm. You can choose now to give priority to Mark’s vehicle and give it all the charge power during the 2 hour time lap. Meanwhile, Ivan will see his vehicle to be charged little by little during the whole day.

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MyflexiPark, your installer of electric vehicle charge points

A charge point : how it works ?

What about the power we offer ?

The different types of electric and hybrid vehicle loads are classified into charging modes :

  • Mode 1 is the most common charging mode. However, its charging speed is low (2.3kW) and the risk of overheating is high. 

  • Mode 2 is quite similar to the first one, but the charging power can be up to 3.7 kW. 

  • Mode 3 is the intelligent mode : its charging power is higher and it has a system that allows the optimisation of the charging of the vehicle’s battery as well as the fast charge

The charge points offered by MyflexiPark are mode 3 charging points. Do you want to install charge points within your company car park ? Contact our professionals !

The difference between MyflexiPark and other electric vehicle charge points manufacturers in Belgium

MyflexiPark offers its application for ease of management and optimization of your parking. With this application, you are able to distribute the power of your charge point terminals according to the occupancy time of your parking spaces. You can also allow your unused charge points to be visible and accessible to outside visitors and hence increase your revenue by opening your parking to other potential users.

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Manufacturer of quality charge points for electric vehicles

Along to an installation made by certified experts, our charge points have a 24-month warranty. MyflexiPark ensures your installations by performing maintenance and repairs for quality experience. Electric charging terminals can also be connected to your photovoltaic panels. Don’t wait any longer and contact Myflexipark for a complete guidance !