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You wish to install an electric vehicle charging station ? Would you like to create parking spaces and be able to offer an electric vehicle charging station solution to your employees or visitors ? Do contact MyflexiPark. Moreover, for being an ideal solution for the charging of electric or hybrid vehicles, it is also a solution with an ecological and practical bonus for your company and employees. With us, enjoy a complete installation and simple management of your electric charging stations. Don’t wait any longer, contact MyflexiPark !

Myflexipark presents :  charging stations for electric vehicleS

MyflexiPark, together with its local partner, manufacture and install a multitude of electric charging stations for private companies and local authorities. Our charging stations are secured and installed efficiently by our certified installers. They meet the charging needs of the vehicles in your car park, while respecting your electrical infrastructure. Although the electric vehicles charging stations have been around for a while, our charging stations combine our MyflexiPark intelligent management application, which allows you to automate the management of your parking, together with the management of your vehicle charging stations. Moreover, your charging terminals are equipped with convenient security which will protect your installation. Do contact us for more information.

Discover also our solution for the simple management of your electric charging stations.

Pick your electric vehicle charging station

Would you like to install electric charging stations in your car park in Belgium ? Do you have any doubts about which charging station is best for you ? MyflexiPark guides you in your choice between AC and DC terminals. Since the satisfaction of our customers is our priority, you can also combine several terminals of different powers to offer in your turn an integral service accessible to all.

An AC terminal : it is a terminal that must use the on-board charger in the car. The on-board charger transforms the alternating current, delivered by the AC terminal, into direct current as an electric can only receive direct current. The charging takes more time but is done automatically and more intelligently.

A DC terminal : unlike AC terminals, DC terminals do not require the on-board charger. The direct current is transferred straight into the car and charging is therefore much faster.

MyflexiPark develops its own AC charging stations. These are the ones we recommend you to install in your company. Do you absolutely want to install a DC terminal in your car park ? We can provide you with this solution. Do contact our professionals to learn more. 

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How is the installation of electric charging stations to be carried out ?

Our electric charging station systems are exclusively designed for private installations and local authorities. We start by auditing your parking space and its electrical circuits. After analysing the audit, we put in place a plan and we can start installing your new electric charging stations. Do not worry if you do not have a circuit suitable for electrical chargers. MyflexiPark will take care of the installation and everything related to it. Once installed, our charge points are guaranteed for 24 months and MyflexiPark ensures maintenance and possible repairs. MyflexiPark ensures you fast and professional work whatever you need ! 

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MyflexiPark, your installer of electric vehicle chargers

A charging station : how it works ?

The charging stations we propose

We stand out from all the other companies in that we offer you smart charging stations capable of managing themselves. Our company offers several charging zones to best meet your expectations. Mode 2 and mode 3 charging modes are the most interesting ones. Let’s have another look at the particularities of these charging modes :

Mode 2 : can be used via an industrial socket as well as a domestic socket, and has an integrated current limitation. This mode must be limited to a 10 A charging current to avoid overheating and provides a charging power of 2.3 kW. The full charging time for the vehicle to travel a distance of 100 km is approximately 8 hours.

Mode 3 : allows you to control your recharges with up to 22 kW of power. Charging times vary depending on the power of the charge. Here after is an estimated charging time to travel 100 km:

  • 3.7kW -> 4.6 hours

  • 7.4kW -> 2.3 hours

  • 11 kW -> 1.5 hours

  • 22 kW -> 0.8 hour

MyflexiParkBox offers you the installation of mode 3 charging stations, as they are the most intelligent and efficient for your company parking.

Vous souhaitez recevoir plus d’informations ? Contactez-nous !

You would like to get more information ? Do contact us !

The electric charging station within companies

How much does a charging station cost ?

The sockets we use

MyflexiPark uses a combined charging system or CCS. Its name comes from the fact that it has sockets in a car. The first socket is type 2 for alternating current charging. The second socket, which is just below, is installed only for fast DC charging. The CCS socket also becomes the European reference for the terminals and the other types of sockets will no longer be available from 2024. Therefore, we propose the installation of optimal sockets, which are ideal for the long term.

The advantages of electric car charging stations

Have you already used our services for your car park ? Why not improve it even more by installing additional charging stations. A secure facility allowing you to offer the best to your customers and employees.

How do our electric charging stations work?

  • For your personnel : With our application you can configure your charging stations and distribute the vehicles of your staff among the different stations according to the charging time needed. Your employees may ask for a certain percentage or quality of energy in kWh, but it is the platform that optimises the charging power of each vehicle according to the number of vehicles present in the parking and their specific needs.
    Via the MyflexiPark application you can also offer an electric charging card to your employees. This card is a virtual card, similar to a gas card. The management of this electric charging car will be done entirely via the application.

  • External customers : You can decide to give access to your car park to people outside your company. MyflexiPark car parks are ‘smart’. Once a parking space is selected by your customer, the camera scans the licence plate and, only if it matches, the passing through will be granted. The rental is done via the app and hence, you will have nothing to manage. A smart car park offering charging stations open to the public. Being open to the public also allows you to benefit from a tax deduction.

Find out more about our solutions :

Smart electric charging stations

Our electric charging stations are smart, what does that mean ?

  • The power will be distributed fluently over the different charging stations according to the number of terminals used.

  • The owner will be able to set a loading threshold. The charging will stop automatically once the threshold is reached.

  • The charging power is dynamically managed by the platform, based on the parameters defined by the owner.

The purpose of dynamic management is to adapt the electrical power supplied to charging stations taking into account :

  • the electrical power available at the main electrical energy meter;

  • the electrical power consumed at any time by the building.

The electricity will be distributed among the terminals according to the power of the terminal and the rental hours; all this will be adjusted during the installation. Hence, thanks to MyflexiPark, you can optimise your car park and save time on a daily basis !

Find your solar charging station for electric vehicles with MyflexiPark

MyflexiPark offers an eco-friendly alternative for your charging stations. Indeed, we can connect your terminals to your photovoltaic installation while keeping an intelligent system that lets you choose the power and charging times. The terminals can also be connected to your bi-hourly electric meter to maximise your savings.

Who or what is MyflexiPark ?

MyflexiPark is a parking solution for everyone in Belgium, in Luxembourg, in France... After all, with the smart parking technology that MyflexiPark offers, your customers will be able, in no time, to find a parking space the second it becomes available. It will save them hours of driving around in circles in search of a parking space. This will have a positive influence on the environment by limiting the carbon footprint while avoiding your customers from struggling to locate a parking space or a charging point. A win-win opportunity for everyone; drivers can  rent a parking space directly on their smartphone and owners are assured that their parking spaces will be only used by their customers.

Moreover, with the MyflexiParkBox you can offer an automation solution. You can simply enter your visitors’ arrival time and parking space foreseen, and our software will ensure that the parking is kept accessible on time. The MyflexiParkBox is connected to our platform which allows you to observe the data in real time.
You can also monitor the performance of your car park! MyflexiPark offers drivers a free registration to find your parking. Once a driver is registered and has selected your car park, simply use the app to enter it.

More information on MyflexiPark, your manufacturer of electric charging stations.

Charging station for electric vehicles in a secured parking by the MyflexiParkBox

We talked about safety, an important point for drivers using your parking. In Belgium, MyflexiPark provides security for your car park but also for your electric car charging station. We ensure this security by :

  • Intelligent software will no longer make you waste any time in the management of your parking lots, MyflexiPark takes care of everything!

  • ANPR camera for smart licence plate recognition. The automatic access will save time for you and your customers!

  • Surveillance cameras 24/7 offer your parking and the parked cars security!

Discover all our solutions :

smart parking

Smart parking is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution that will positively change the layout of our cities and parking opportunities. Get started with smart parking ! Rent your parking spaces for outdoor customers in all safety.

Do you want to waste your time on management and administration ? With our intelligent system, cameras register available spaces and synchronise it all automatically in our mobile app. Hence, the parking space appears available for drivers in search of a parking space near your parking lot. Parking management is done automatically, which reduces your management time. Contact us to receive more information.

Adopt smart parking for your electric car charging stations

Technology evolves constantly, so make your parking spaces evolve with the help of smart parking. It is a key element of the measures put in place for the evolution of smart cities !

Smart parking will limit air and noise pollution. Indeed, since drivers will be kept informed of your available parking spaces, they will not have to circle around in the city for hours in search of a space to park their car. This will greatly improve traffic flow. Moreover, you will eliminate the mental load and stress of drivers when looking for parking spaces. All this while increasing your income. Interested in improving the optimisation of your parking ? Do contact us.

Your solution for electric charging stations and parking management

MyflexiPark offers you the instalment of your electric terminals and its automatic management system both during the construction of your new car park but also in one of your current car parks or during a renovation of parking. An in extenso installation is provided which will facilitate all aspects of the supervision of your parking. Using smart parking also reduces your Cobrace plan costs. Indeed, your fees will increase depending on the number of parking spaces available to your employees, and this every year. However, if you choose our system, by offering the rental of some of your parking spaces to drivers outside your company or even all your parking spaces during the weekends and holidays, you will be able to reduce the Cobrace cost!

Take the next step with its intelligent management system : MyflexiParkBox.

How to use the services of electric terminals and smart parking with MyflexiPark ?

Simply contact us. Our team is available to answer your questions and to explain all the solutions best suited to your needs and your projects. Moreover, you can tell us about the clientele you are targeting :

  • You only target employees and visitors to your company.

  • You want a certain versatility by making the most of your parking spaces.

  • Or, you want to offer access to your employees but also target other users in off-peak times.

With MyflexiPark, not only is any installation possible, but we will also eliminate the mental burden and administrative inconvenience of your employees with our solution. Switch to a comfortable solution ! MyflexiPark guides you in the instalment and use of the software. Do not hesitate to contact us, your smart parking solutions are at your fingertips !