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Have you chosen to invest in solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles in order to participate in the global climate effort ? Are you looking to install electric charging stations within your company ? Discover MyflexiPark, the installer of your electric vehicle charging installation.

The advantages of a charging station for your electric vehicle

Today, cities are facing increasing environmental challenges. As a result, the car fleet is evolving and is home to an increasing number of electric and hybrid vehicles in urban areas. To meet the needs of employees, companies are investing in smart parking solutions and organising to install charging solutions directly at their workplace.

Indeed, there are many advantages to choosing a charging station :

  • A fast charge

  • Enhanced security : our charging installations can have 10 up to 15 sockets, making it easy to maintain and protect your charging stations.

  • Long-term savings : you can connect the MyflexiPark terminals to photovoltaic panels or a bi-hourly metre. In addition, you can vary the power of each of them according to your needs. This reduces your energy bills because you only use the electricity you need. 

Are you looking for an installer for your electric vehicle charging station ? Contact our MyflexiPark experts now, they will meet all your needs. 

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Choose smart electric charging stations with MyflexiPark

At MyflexiPark, we only work with private or semi-public terminals of type 2 and charging mode 3. This type of terminals allows you to realise a fast charge and to vary the power between 3.7 and 22 kWh. By using the MyflexiPark mobile application, power management is carried out automatically. The application takes many parameters into account and accordingly optimises the charging speed of the vehicles, while taking into account the real cost of the charge (ex : lf the terminal will favour photovoltaic electricity rather than electricity from the network). Finally, our terminals are equipped with standard CCS sockets and are guaranteed 24 months after installation.  
Our added value ? Our charging installations are compatible with our professional parking management solution, a service for optimising and automating the management of corporate and condominium parking spaces.

Electric vehicle charging station installer : how to install a MyflexiPark charging station

Before the installation, our certified installers carry out a diagnostic of the electrical network to determine if we can install our terminals on the network. Once the audit is completed, we carry out the plans according to your needs and proceed to the installation of the charging stations and sockets that can be placed on walls or on poles. We are competent to install as many charging installations in your car park as you want.

According to the existing electrical infrastructure, the price and installation time will vary. If you would like to know more, contact the experts of MyflexiPark, your installer of charging stations for electric vehicles.

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MyflexiPark, manufacturer of electric charging stations

Trust MyflexiPark, your electric vehicle charging station installer

MyflexiPark offers a comfortable solution for your corporate parking. In addition to the installation of electric charging stations, our MyflexiParkBox service helps you to improve the sharing of parking lots through automation and optimization of the management of parking spaces in the city.
Would you like to help us develop sustainable mobility ? Do not hesitate any longer and contact MyflexiPark, your installer of charging stations for electric vehicles.