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Cities face many environmental challenges. In order to improve the quality of life, players in the urban area must be involved. The installation of charging stations is an innovative solution and offers major advantages to your company. To facilitate your transition, MyflexiPark accompanies you and instals your electric terminals in your company.

Offer the best to your employees with electric charging terminals within your company

Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular among individuals and businesses. The management of these and the installation of charging solutions become priority. The installation of electric charging stations within companies is the most advantageous charging solution for several reasons :

  • An efficient and personalised solution : your employees have a direct load solution at their workplace

  • Fast charging at a lower cost : with MyflexiPark, you can connect your terminals to solar panels or program your recharges at off-peak times. Therefore, you pay the best price for your electricity and save money in the long term.

  • Managing your infrastructure efficiently : with our mobil application for professional parking management you can easily manage your charging terminals remotely. You do not want to take the time to  time to manage your boundaries ? The MyflexiPark platform automatically supports the dynamic management of the loading power according to the needs of the different vehicles. Thanks to energy consumption management our smart charging terminals are an ideal solution for your company.  

Do you have any questions about setting up your electric charging terminals within your company? The MyflexiPark experts are here to answer them.

Electric vehicle charging stations for companies : how to install your MyflexiPark electric charging station ?

Before installing an electric charger station in your company, we make sure that your electrical network is suitable for the installation of our infrastructure. Once your infrastructure has been audited, we work together to determine the location of your terminals. Each installation is unique, pricing and installation time are defined according to each project.

As for the number of charging stations, we always install several compound terminals that can accommodate up to 10 or even 15 sockets. This facilitates the charging of the vehicles enormously and ensures maximum safety. Moreover, we guarantee all our electric terminals for 24 months and we personally handle all maintenance and repairs.

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MyflexiPark, manufacturer of electric charging stations

Are there any premiums in Belgium for the installation of electrical charging stations in Belgium ?

Unfortunately, there are no premiums for the installation of electric charging units in Belgium. However, companies that invest in publicly accessible charging stations will benefit from a 200% tax deduction until December 31st in 2022. No planning permit is required! 

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How much does a charging station cost ?

A charging installation : how it works ? 

Invest in smart en sustainable mobility with MyflexiPark

In Brussels alone, more than 370.000 vehicles pass through the city every day. To improve our quality of life, we must take sustainable and effective measures.  That is why we have developed the MyflexiParkBox. This solution facilitates exchanges and mutual aid between companies, promoters, agencies and individuals. This smart parking tool optimises parking spaces in the city. This powerful and easy to use software will also allow you to manage your terminals with ease.

Do you have any questions about setting up your electric charging terminals within your company? The MyflexiPark experts are here to answer them. Do contact them.