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You did decide to turn to electric mobility within your company ? If so, you need to find sustainable and efficient charging solutions for your employees at their workplace. Standard socket or electric terminal, do you know which solution is best for your company ? MyflexiPark can answer all your questions. To learn more about the electric vehicle charging station and how it works, follow the guidance of our specialists.

Charging station for electric vehicles : how does it work ?

You want to provide a charging solution for electric and hybrid vehicles ? Want to know more about electric vehicle charging stations and how they work ? An electric or hybrid vehicle operates entirely or in part with electricity. Therefore, it needs to be recharged on a regular basis. Sustainable mobility and MyflexiPark smart parking specialists can answer your questions. 

In order to find the type of charging station that meets your needs, several elements must be taken into account :

  • The charging system : standard socket or charging station

  • The charging power : some models offer fast charging. With smart terminals, you benefit from dynamic charge power management. This allows you to adapt the charging level to the individual needs of each employee.  

  • Charging time : it varies according to the power offered by the charging unit.

  • The presence of a control device : the terminals of MyflexiPark can be controlled remotely thanks to the MyflexiParkBox application. 

Our professionals are available to answer your questions about our facilities and to find together with you the most suitable solution for your company.

MyflexiPark, innovative solutions developed by us

In order to offer the best quality to our customers, we collaborate with a local partner for the development of our electric charging stations. We offer AC terminals that use alternating current (prevents energy losses). You save money on your energy bills by consuming only what you need. 

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Why choose the electric STATIONS of MyflexiPark ?

Our terminals differ from the others because they each consist of up to 10 or even 15 sockets. This configuration facilitates maintenance and ensures optimal security. Do you have any problems with your terminals ? We guarantee our terminals for 24 months and  take charge of all maintenance in case of any problem.

Since our priority is to offer you sustainable and efficient products, we only work with type 2 terminals and with a 3 charging mode.  With a charging power of between 3.7 and 22 kWh, our terminals connected to the MyflexiPark platform are autonomous. The platform takes charge of the handling and optimises the loading according to the needs of the vehicle. Moreover, you can choose to give priority to certain vehicles and schedule each charge or schedule the start and end of each charge.

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In addition to exceptional quality, our private and semi-public charging stations are compatible with our professional parking management solution. This enterprise parking management optimization tool will make it easy to control your charging stations remotely. If your charging units are semi-public, you can also make your unused chargers available to the general public. Hence, you optimize your parking spaces. Do you have any questions about the MyflexiPark electric vehicle charging stations and want to know how it works ? Contact us now, we will answer gladly.