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Notwithstanding the growth of environmental challenges, urban mobility must continue to evolve. As a consequence, more and more companies are changing policies and buying electric and hybrid vehicles. Do you also want to invest in the mobility of tomorrow ? Wondering how much is the budget for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations within your company ? Find out how much an electric installation costs with MyflexiPark.

The advantages of an electric vehicle charging station installation

The urban space is constantly changing and many people have already opted for an electric or hybrid vehicle. Many companies decided to install charging solutions directly at their workplace. Indeed, the advantages of electric charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles are many :

  • A fast charge : unlike a home socket, the charging process with an electric terminal is very fast. Moreover, each of our terminals can have up to 10 or even 15 sockets, which allows you to charge many vehicles simultaneously.

  • Smart features : our electric vehicle charger installations are compatible with our professional parking management solutions, a parking management automation service. Hence, you can control your electric vehicle chargers with just one click. More in particular, you can regulate the power of each of your terminals according to the needs of your employees.

  • An economical charging solution : MyflexiPark terminals can be connected to photovoltaic panels and a bi-hourly meter. You can also schedule the recharge to start when electricity costs the least.  

  • Dynamic vehicle load management : the MyflexiPark electric vehicle charging stations deliver loading power to vehicles that is dynamically adapted to the consumption of the building in order to prevent your power supply from breaking down.

Still have some questions about the MyflexiPark electric vehicle charging stations ? Do contact us and our experts will be happy to answer them.

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How much does an electric vehicle charger cost : what is the budget for your installation ?

Your company wants to switch to electric or hybrid vehicles but doesn’t know how much an electric vehicle charger costs ? Each installation is unique and the prices vary according your needs and the existing electrical infrastructure. Hence, we always carry out an audit of your electricity network before the installation of your terminals. This allows us to offer you customised solutions at the fairest prices. We adapt the quantity of electric vehicle chargers to be installed according to the capacity of your parking and your wishes. All our electric vehicle chargers are designed and built in Belgium in collaboration with our partner Capflow in order to offer you high quality products.

How does an electric vehicle chargER cost : is there any premium, incentive in Belgium for the purchase of an electric vehicle charger ?

In Belgium you do not receive any premiums for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations. However, companies that offer semi-public terminals can benefit from a tax deduction. 

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Trust the MyflexiPark expertise

The priority of MyflexiPark is to ensure sustainable mobility with the urban space. In addition to our electric terminals, we are developing smart parking solutions that are accessible to everyone, in order to automate and optimise the management of the parking spaces. Do you want to become tomorrow’s mobility operator with Myflexipark ? Do contact us now.