How electric vehicle charging works

Like many other companies, have you chosen electric power for the mobility of your employees? Now is the time to invest in charging solutions for electric cars that are sustainable and efficient at your workplace. To help you in making your choice, do trust the MyflexiPark experts. They will answer your questions and explain to you the functioning of an electric vehicle charger for your electric car.

Why invest in sustainable mobility ?

Faced with the environmental and socio-economic challenges of tomorrow, a growing number of companies and individuals are focusing on the development of smart cities. In a redesigned organisation, traditional networks and services are optimised and made more efficient with the help of technology. The development of sustainable mobility fits perfectly into this movement. After all, optimisation of the car parking spaces and a redesigned car park improve the quality of urban life. Would you like to engage in the collective effort for tomorrow’s mobility? Don’t hesitate any longer and choose MyflexiPark to install your electric vehicle charging station now. 

How electric vehicle chargers work : what are the different types of charging station ?

The different types of electric and hybrid vehicle charging are classified into 3 modes :

  • Mode 1 is the most common charging mode. However, its charging speed is low and the risk of overheating is high.

  • Mode 2 is quite similar to the first one, but the charging power can be up to 3.7 kWh..

  • Mode 3 is the intelligent mode : its charging power is higher and it has a system that allows the optimisation of the charging of the vehicle’s battery as well as the fast charge.

How do car charge systems work for electric vehicles ? In order to guarantee you the best quality, we only offer a charging mode with CSS charging sockets. The power of the latter varies between 3.7 and 22 kW. Our terminals also allow dynamic management of the charging power of the terminals. This will allow you to best meet your needs and those of your employees. 

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The installation of chargers for electric vehicles with MyflexiPark

Before installing your electric vehicle chargers, we check whether your electrical infrastructure is powerful enough to be able to install our solutions. Subsequently, we decide together the installation of the vehicle chargers according to your needs. Because each project is unique, tarification and installation time differ. We always install several charging terminals, each composed of 10 to 15 sockets to facilitate the charging of vehicles and assure optimal safety. To ensure maximum tranquillity, all our terminals are guaranteed 24 months. Hence, we take care of maintenance and all possible repairs. 

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MyflexiPark, manufacturer of electric charging stations

MyflexiPark experts answer all your questions about the functioning of your electric vehicle charging stations

For several years now, the MyflexiPark experts have had the mission of contributing to better urban mobility and improving the quality of life for each and every one. That is why we have created the MyflexiParkBox, the easy-to-use solution that makes it simple to automate parking site management. We are thus involved in the development of smart parking thanks to the effortless and fast management of parking capacity. In addition to our smart parking solutions, MyflexiPark is also the ideal partner for the installation of charging stations in enterprises.

Do no longer hesitate and contact us now to learn more about the functioning of your charging station for electric vehicles.