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If you are looking for a secure car park next to Brussels Airport, you will come across many offers. However, if your looking for an affordable parking, you will find almost nothing! It is to help you to find an affordable car park that MyflexiPark exists. MyflexiPark is a community that allows parking space sharing.

We have several parking spaces and you are free to choose which parking space best meets your criteria.  We always have the most affordable car park in Zaventem. Know our two types of car parks. The parking with the green icon are directly available upon receipt of payment from the tenant. The parking with orange icon are indirectly available, as it requires the prior approval of the owner before you can park there. Upon its validation, will then communicate to you about all details about the parking space.  Saving both time and comfort, therefore.

Parking Brussels ariport price

Why use MyflexiParK?

MyflexiPark is the solution to use when traveling by car for several reasons. First, thanks to the app you will save money! Indeed, the use of the MyflexiPark app is fully free and allows you to find available and secure parking spaces at affordable prices! No more unpleasant surprises on your way back home! Through the app and the website, you will know on forehand how much you are going to pay before you even leave. This will give you a considerable boost to manage your ‘holiday’ budget, especially if you plan to park your car in a parking at Brussels Airport

Secondly, with MyflexiPark you can book your parking space in advance or even at the last minute. Whether you search for a parking space in an underground parking or in private parkings, you probably find what you are looking for. With MyflexiPark, you will no longer experience the stress of searching for a parking space just before your flight is taking off.

MyflexiPark is an invitation to leave your worries at home and make the most out of your stay or trip.

Brussels Airport parking rates: your affordable parking near the airport

Indeed, many car parks close to Brussels Airport are expensive and available space are rare! Parking your car in parking Zaventem P1 is a luxury you cannot afford. Especially as the car park rates are often very high. This is why MyflexiPark offers you many more parking spaces at affordable prices. As close to the airport and as secured as parking Zaventem P1, we are sure that our parking solutions will meet your expectations. You will be able to park your car at only a few steps away from the airport at the most advantageous rates in Zaventem. Reducing your parking costs will allow you to save money for your holiday or trip abroad! Choose the lowest car park price in Zaventem and travel in all serenity!


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