Where to park in Zaventem? It is super easy with MyflexiPark!

published on 29/042021

Where to park in Zaventem? The different solutions to park near Brussels Airport

Are you planning to travel abroad and need to park your car as you will be driving to Brussels Airport? Are you aware that you need to be about two hours before departure at the terminal, but before that, you need to look for a place to park your car? Where to park in Zaventem? How much will you pay for it? To avoid any inconvenience related to parking, MyflexiPark proposes the solution best suited to your needs. Discover now our mobile app and our website that will save you time and money!

Where to park near Brussels Airport?

If you are searching for which parking to choose next to Brussels Airport, forget right away Zaventem parking 2 and its prohibitive rates! With MyflexiPark you will find only parkings close to the airport at affordable prices! The most advantage parking rate in Zaventem is only to be found with MyflexiPark. You can either reserve a place in a parking belonging to a private member of our community or either book your parking space in one of our partner’s parkings near Brussels Airport (Zaventem). You can park your car in our parking in the Trawoollaan or at the Holiday Inn Brussels Airport. Both are near the airport, accessible via the A201 and the E40 motorways. Both parkings organise also a shuttle service straight to the doors of your holidays.

With MyflexiPark say goodbye to any parking problem

MyflexiPark and its community will help you to stop looking for hours for a parking space near Brussels Airport. Through its platform, parking owners are able to rent out their available parking spaces on one hand and motorists will be able to park in Zaventem at a very competitive price on the other hand. Moreover, registration is completely free! Thanks to the website or the MyflexiPark app, you only need to type the address of the airport and MyflexiPark will find a parking space for you! In the blink of an eye, you can then book a place in a secure parking near the airport.

Where to park in Zaventem? It is super easy with MyflexiPark!