Parking Zaventem P2 - a cheap alternative with MyflexiPark

parking Zaventem P2: MyflexiPark, the solution to park your car at best price

Are you planning to travel soon abroad by plane from Brussels Airport and wondering where you can park your car? True, finding a cheap parking space next to the aiport is quite a challenge. Travel with confidence thanks to MyflexiPark will allow motorists to find a place as close by as in the car park Zaventem P2.

Parking Zaventem P2

MyflexiPark, the best parking rental

It is difficult to find a parking space near Brussels Airport. But MyflexiPark has many parking spaces as close by as those in the Zaventem P2 car park next to airport.  Obviously, parking spaces are also available for rent in the parking of Brussels Airport. To book a parking space in full safety has never been easier. Book a parking space in just a few clicks on the website or on the MyflexiPark app. Through our community, created with our car park owners, you will be able to pay up to 50% less than for a regular parking space. 

MyflexiPark: an alternative to the parking Zaventem P2 rates

Airport parking rates are very high. So when it comes to long-term parking, you can be sure that you are going to pay quite a lot of money. However, thanks to MyflexiPark, you can find where to park your car in other car parks around the airport. For instance: the public car park in the Trawoollaan or the car park at the Holiday Inn Brussels Airport which can easily be reached via the motorways A201 and E40. Though the reservation on the MyflexiPark platform is for a fee, the registration is for free. Moreover, prices are affordable! In this case, the price of a parking space near Brussels Airport is lower than that of Zaventem P2 parking lot. So you no longer need to worry about finding the right parking space for the right price!