Parking Zaventem P4: A lower cost solution with MyflexiPark

an alternative to parking Zaventem P4: park your car close to the track for less money!

Have you planned your holiday abroad; e.g. in Spain or Italy? For whatever destination you travel, you provided for everything! Tickets, suitcases, sunglasses … The only you still are unable to provide, is the parking space at Brussels Airport! You are not sure if and where to find a parking space in order to park your car. Though you know that you are going to make you pay dearly for a space in the Zaventem car park P4. Though there is a solution, in order to control your travel budget up to the parking fees, register yourself at MyflexiPark. This is the ultimate solution for motorists who want to park their car safely close to the airport. Leave your concerns behind on the tarmac and travel in all serenity with MyflexiPark.

parking zaventem p4

MyflexiPark: an application simplifying your life

If you are looking for a parking space next to the terminal at Brussels Airport, you can find it easily. Many parking spaces are available in the car parks Zaventem P1, P2, P3 et P4. But at what price? Therefore, if you are looking for a available parking space at an affordable price, you will find it much more difficult! The rates applied at the car parks in Zaventem are quite often prohibitevely expensive! That is why MyflexiPark connects parking space owners with motorists looking for a parking space at a good price! 

To enjoy available and inexpensive car parkings, such as in the Toekomststraat and at the Holiday Inn Brussels Airport, simply register for free to enjoy the benefits of the platform. As a motorist you will always find a parking space at the car park for your car at Brussels Airport. Underground, in a private car park or covered car park, all our parking spaces are secured against vandalism. All you have to do is to find your spot and book it. A super advantageous parking price in Zaventem is with MyflexiPark !


Apart from the large airport car parks, you will find plenty of other parking spaces thanks to MyflexiPark. For instance, the public car park in the Toekomststraat or the car park at the Holiday Inn Brussels Airport and they are easily accessible via the motorways A201 and E40. These two parking options even have a shuttle service system taking you directly in no time to the airport. As well located as the car park Zaventem P4, these different parking areas are accessible to you at a real advantageous price.

Indeed, with MyflexiPark, you pay up to 50% less for your parking space and will not have to search endlessly for your parking space. Through the mobile app, you are able to manage your parking budget, book your parking space in advance and travel in all serenity!