How to get to the Brussels Midi Station by car?

published on 26/042021

How to get to the Brussels Midi station: the different means by MyflexiPark

If you are a tourist passing through Brussels or a regular commuter, there are many ways to get to the capital. The train, quite popular among many travelers, is one of the easiest ways to get to Brussels. Nevertheless, another mean of locomotion almost steals the spotlight from public transport: the car. For many motorists who come to town almost every day of the week, the parking problem is a major issue. MyflexiPark explains in this article the different ways to get to the Brussels Midi station.

You want to go for a getaway weekend trip to Brussels?

You want to end your trip in the capital of Europe and you have to take the train back at the Brussels Midi station or catch your plane back home at Brussels Airport? There are different ways to get to the Brussels Midi station. The most obvious in such a busy city as Brussels is the use of public transport. The tram, the subway, buses or even the train between the other 2 main train stations serve the international Brussels Midi station. These means of locomotion will bring you easily and without a headache to good port.

How to get to the Brussels Midi station by car?

Getting into Brussels by car is one thing, parking there is another! Finding a parking space for your car on the street is very tedious; all the more close to the Brussels Midi station, the SNCB train station. Even if you are looking for an underground parking, the task is complex. Not to mention the price of parking which can quickly go up! With MyflexiPark, no worries! The community platform allows you to find a parking space at the Brussels Midi station in a blink of the eye and for a very competitive price. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to park your car even near the historic center. Thanks to this mobility offer, you will no longer be looking for where to park your car near the Brussels Midi station. For example, the Rossini parking near the Brussels Midi station is ideally situated near the train station. You can easily book a secured parking space to park your car for a long or short period of time.

MyflexiPark offers you the solution for your parkings needs in the capital of Europe.

How to get to the Brussels Midi Station by car?