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Are you traveling by plane from Zaventem airport and looking for an inexpensive parking spot? MyflexiPark is the solution to reduce your costs. Zaventem airport parking : discover how to very simply reduce your parking costs while enjoying an efficient and reliable service.

Zaventem Airport parking

What is MyflexiPark ?

MyflexiPark is a parking space sharing community. Our members have parking spaces near the airport, which you can rent. These places are available for the duration of your journey. We have different parking spaces, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

In addition to this rental service, we offer a transport service. Indeed, it is always annoying to have to wait for a crowded shuttle before taking a plane. That's why we put at your disposal a professional Uber car service that will take you personally to your destination if you wish. A saving of time and a gain of comfort, therefore.

Zaventem airport parking - Why are we cheaper?

We are cheaper than Brussels Airport car park because there are individuals and companies that rent their parking space(s). In particular, we offer secure car parks, ideal for long business trips.

To book your parking space at a lower cost, simply register on our website and then:

  • Enter the address near which you are looking for a place;

  • Fill out your departure dates as well as return;

  • Select the place you prefer.

You choose according to the different prices, locations and amenities of each location.  For example, we have underground car park, secured by a personal code, for long absences.

Contact us

Do not hesitate to call us or to go through our contact form for any additional information request.

Tel : +32 2 899 73 73

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