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Are you leaving for a trip and looking for a place to park your car for cheap but safe? You want to find a reliable, comfortable but also practical service? In this case, you are on the right site. Charleroi airport parking price: Say goodbye to excessive parking expenses thanks to MyflexiPark.

Charleroi airport parking price

What is MyflexiPark ?

In short, we are a car park sharing community, some members have a parking space near Charleroi Airport, and others are looking for this type of parking.

MyflexiPark is therefore an intermediary that allows you to reserve a parking space. Our service is cheaper than airport parking and allow in addition to enjoy a quality service.

The reservation of a parking space is done simply, online:

  • Fill out your profile first;

  • Then choose your starting point;

  • Specify your departure and return dates;

  • Finally select the parking you prefer.

Charleroi Airport parking price - Why are we cheaper?

Our community offers parking spaces at a lower cost because it does not need every day. Our model is based on:

  • Mutual help.
    Between members of our community who want to benefit from a service from those who provide a parking space.

  • Simplicity.
    Booking and payment online and secure.

  • Savings.
    Money but also time. With our service, you no longer need to look for a place in the neighbourhood for hours.

  • Comfort.
    It is possible for you to book a shuttle that will take you to Charleroi Airport.

Contact us

Call us or refer to our contact form for any question or request for additional information.

Tel : +32 2 899 73 73

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